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Dallas Cowboys: Donovan McNabb believes his numbers are better than those of Troy Aikman. Is he right

If you think of players who had a better career than Troy Aikman, you can imagine a few quarterbacks. Donovan McNabb is not usually one of them.

McNabb disagrees, however. He believes he belongs to the Pro Football Hall of Fame next to Aikman.

The former Eagles QB was not shy about communicating its feelings in TMZ.

"Absolutely, and I do not hesitate, my numbers speak for themselves." McNabb said when asked if he was a Hall of Famer. "My numbers are better than those of Troy Aikman, but he has Super Bowl rings and he also plays with Hall of Famers."

Okay, then let's break down the numbers to see if McNabb is right.

Aikman was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006 after winning three Super Bowl titles and six Pro Bowls.

McNabb last played for the Vikings in 201

1. He never won a Super Bowl, but also made six Pro Bowls.

Aikman McNabb
Reg. Season Games 165 167
Comp. Pct. 61.5% 59.0%
Pass Yds 32.942 37.276
TD / INT 165/141 234/117
Pass rating 81 85.6
postseason record * 11-4 9-7
Super Bowl victories 3 0

* As a starter

McNabb is not entirely wrong. In a very similar number of games played, he has 4,334 passes more than Aikman, 69 more touchdown passes and 24 fewer interceptions. In addition, McNabb has eighth place in the career of a quarterback in NFL history (3,469), while Aikman on this list (1,016) takes the 89th place.

McNabb is one of five quarterbacks in NFL history that threw for more than 30,000 yards and rushed for more than 3,000 yards (Fran Tarkenton, John Elway, Steve Young and Steve McNair). All but McNair are Hall of Famers. However, in his career against Dallas, McNabb finished just 54.9% of his passes and threw 13 interceptions on 26 touchdowns.

Aikman played in another era. He also had two terrible seasons to start his career (he went 7:19 as a starter and threw 36 interceptions) that affected his numbers. He had a Hall of Famer in Emmitt Smith, who supported him and lowered his need to throw the ball. McNabb never had that.

With 90 victories in the 1990s, Aikman was at the time of his resignation the most profitable start quarterback of a decade in the history of the NFL. The former cowboy also won three super bowls and had tremendous success in the postseason. The trophies alone should end a close debate.

Of course, there were many great responses to McNabb sharing his attitude:

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