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Dallas Mavericks: Although only LeBron James was prosecuted in the Western Conference, Lukas Doncic was not named an All Star starter by Mavs

Since last week Mavericks freshman Luka Doncic had the second most popular All-Star Game fan poll among Western Conference participants, but it was not surprising that being too big a starting place meant being too big a task ,

Fan votes account for only 50 percent of pitches for starting slots, with 25 percent each coming from NBA players and media voting. When Thursday's Western Conference All Star starters were announced on TNT, Doncic was absent.

The starters are LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Paul George, Steph Curry and James Harden.

As TNT showed, Doncic remained a popular choice among fans. At the final fan vote, the 4,242,980 votes Doncic received followed only James 4,620,809 among Western Conference players.

Rookie sensation Doncic is by no means designed for an all-star mooring. The NBA coaches will vote on the election of the seven Western Conference and seven Eastern Conference Reserves. The results will be announced on February 7th.

The captain of the game, the leading campaigner of the Western Conference James and Giannis Antetokounmpo, chairman of the Eastern Conference, will decide how The two teams will consist of five starters and seven reserves from each conference.

Earlier this week, following the defeat of the Mavericks in Milwaukee, Doncic still seemed to disbelieve that he was the only one to cheat James in the Westerners' polls ̵

1; and asked before players like Curry, Harden, Durant and George.

"It's tough," said Doncic. "Everything is going so fast, I was only dreaming when I was young to be in the NBA league, and now, to see the All-Star voices, it's just, I do not know what to say, amazing for me "

Just two weeks ago, Golden State coach Steve Kerr said that 19-year-old Doncic" looks like an all-star to me. "Kerr went back a bit before the Mavs -Warriors game took place on January 13 at the American Airlines Center, but he praised Doncic praiseworthy.

"I did not go row by row, I probably threw it out without really doing my homework.

" I have a voice for the reserves. I think what I wanted to say is that he sure looks like an All-Star. Whether he succeeds or not, he is an all-star. Some people just stand out. You see what they do, you see what they mean for the game. If he does not make it this year, he'll make it soon enough. "

Earlier on Thursday, after training the Mavericks, the NBA All-Star DeAndre Jordan of 2017 was asked if he would have his eyes glued to TNT Thursday night.

" No, "said Jordan. "I mean, it's important to me if Luka can do it, yes, but otherwise I'm worried I'll be dumping somewhere in the sand." [19659002] Does Jordan think Doncic has done enough to earn a place?

"He has done a lot of work," Jordan said, "Lots of great things for this organization, for the League, and we'll see what happens."

At 19, Doncic would easily be the youngest All-Star in the history of Mavericks, surpassing Jason Kidd 22 when he was selected as the starter for the 1996 All-Star Game in his second season.

Doncic, however, would not be the youngest all-star in history. The Lakers & # 39; Kobe B Ryant was 19 years and 170 days old when he started the 1998 All-Star Game.

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