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Danica Patrick speaks the last race of her career before the 2018 Indy 500

Danica Patrick has been living in the fast lane since her childhood and makes a name for herself in professional motorsport against the top men. Their last race will take place on Sunday at the Indianapolis 500 – the annual event that ushered in their groundbreaking career.

"The biggest memory for me was my first Indy 500 in 2005, 13 years ago," Patrick said to CBS News' Dana Jacobson.

"What makes sense that the last race -" Jacobson began. "Lucky number 13," said Patrick.

Your dream scenario in the race?

"Oh, I would win, I would win," said Patrick.

"But what will be enough if you finish this race?" Jacobson asked:

"I think all my life I've felt like you're only as good as your last race and it's good to live on it when you're in the middle of pushing and pushing But for that really the reality of your entire career is really silly, "said Patrick.

"People will remember … 20 ̵

1; some years of racing, 13 years of professionalism on IndyCar and NASCAR levels … not necessarily like I did on the Indy 500 in my last year, unless I win. "

In 2005, it was a breathtaking, almost magical debut for Patrick at the Indy 500: a 23-year-old rookie rider who is not only tied to the boys, but leads them to a record of 19 laps. Her 4th place was the highest for a woman. The "it" girl in racing had officially hit the world stage.

"I did not call it that, but I've been coined" Danica Mania "and there were people everywhere … cover from Sports Illustrated and Billboards and TV and … it was an exciting time "remembers Patrick.

"How was it not only as a beginner, but also as a female beginner?" Jacobson asked

"I do not really know about the female part, I mean, the female part had to do with the crowd because it was a Unique scenario was to be a girl in racing, "said Patrick.

"Yeah, I think that was a lot of publicity about it, or that was people's interest, for sure," Jacobson pointed out.

"Of course, and it's still the interest that I'm a girl" It'll never go away. And I do not want it either, "Patrick said," because it's part of what made me what I am today, and gave me so many opportunities and luxuries and everything. "

But at that time, Patrick said It was "overwhelming." Patrick started running when she was 10 years old when she broke records at the Sugar River Raceway in Wisconsin, she was only a teenager when she went overseas to improve her craft in European road racing and finally made her much-lauded IndyCar debut 13 years after she first drove.

"I love to set a goal and achieve it," said Patrick, "I do not race because I like fast ride. As people always asked me. They are like, "Do you really want to go fast?" I'm like, "No, I'm not really a daredevil." "

" Why are you running then? "Jacobson asked

" I'll do it for the trip … it could be anything, "Patrick replied.


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But it's been racing for more than 25 years. Her trip included being named the IndyCar Rookie of the Year, the very first IndyCar win for a female rider, and a possible leap to NASCAR. Patrick was known for being blunt and tough because she defied gender stereotypes in sports and proudly displayed her femininity.

"What was the hardest part for you on the way?" Jacobson asked:

"I think I wanted to be successful every time I went on course and sometimes was not, what then, you know, leads to why and we all have to prove ourselves as people with a job, right? … your job, my job, any job, you have to prove yourself, "said Patrick. "And maybe I had to prove myself a bit more often."

She had to go her own way if you wanted – something Patrick said she did before she started driving.

"I just never grew up and thought: & # 39; I want to be like you. I want to do what you did." I – no, no, I always thought I want more do, "Patrick said with a shrug.

"Where does that come from?"

"I do not know, I do not know," she replied. "I've never been scared of change, and I think that's why my life has changed so much that I would not expect it every few years, which is really scary, but it's also amazing because I'm open to it . "

Patrick's last change is no different. Last year, she managed to finish with emotions that it was time to finish her racing career . Problems with sponsorship and signs, as she called them, led to the decision.

"I just felt it was not such a trip anymore," said Patrick. "I remember the last year, you know, I talked to my dad and somehow said to my dad, as you know, to be emotional and to be like that, & # 39; I do not really like it. & # 39; And he says, "I know." He says, "You needed a job. And you were good at it. "And I say," Yes. "

It took some time to make their decision.

" But it was more because it suddenly, somehow, burst on the scene. I've probably also come across the scene suddenly, "said Patrick.

Announced the Danica Double, a recent NASCAR run at Daytona 500 last February, followed by the final race of her career at Indy 500, the venue

Regardless of the outcome, Patrick will continue to bolster her entrepreneurial spirit by starting her own clothing line last year, writing a fitness book and owning a vineyard in the Napa Valley – everything she says is part of their next trip.

"I think if I look forward to these other companies that I started very organically, then I will not bore you, as each one of them started. But trust me, they were not planned. They only dreamed about it. I think how fun it is, "said Patrick.

The outrider said she would remember her career as" exciting "and" hard. "

" I say this with absolute love and appreciation. .. I hope that someday I will be known for something other than racing. And then people remember that I was a racer, "Patrick said." Not to get away from racing, just to think that other things I did were so successful and meaningful and influenced the people involved. That would be a pretty good career. "

" Two careers, "Jacobson said as Patrick laughed.

" Yes, or three or four, or whatever! "Said Patrick.

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