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Daniel Cormier takes Jon Jones' "Who's Your Daddy" line personally • MMA News

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Daniel Cormier believes that there are evil undertones when Jon Jones tells him," Who's your daddy? "1

9659003" Cormier will challenge Stipe Miocic for the Heavyweight Title of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), "DC" is the defending champion at light heavyweight, but he will rise at least once more to become a two. The "super fight" will be UFC 226 July 7, as a headline.

Despite concentrating on Miocic, "DC" can not help but exchange words with his old rival "Bones" Jones. "Recently, the two shot personally fired shots into the other's wives Surprisingly, that's not what Cormier took personally.

Jones continues to deliver the line "Who's your daddy?" While some think Jones just rubs against it defeated Cormier twice before falling to the ground For Turinabol, "DC" says it goes beyond fighting Cormier's father was murdered and in the fog of "DC's" beef with Jones apologized, "Bo nes "private.

Fast forward to 2018, and Jones still uses the same line. Cormier talked about the situation during a UFC 226 (via MMAJunkie.com):

"It's sort of what he does, and before our very first fight there was some direct news, and he said he was my dad or dad I suppose, fans, someone told him something about my father who was murdered, so (UFC president) Dana (White) called me in three ways to apologize for anything like "I'm your daddy" said to have time he quarreled, he goes back to "I'm your dad" or something like that. "He did not apologize, so there's a deeper meaning to" who is your father? "

Many have speculated what would happen if Daniel Cormier won against Miocic." DC "has made it clear that he plans to retire in March 2019. He hopes Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones to be able to face for the third time before putting his gloves on attaches.

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