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Dark Phoenix: Simon Kinberg reveals what went wrong | Collider

  Dark Phoenix Slice [19659002] Dark Phoenix had a brutal opening weekend: The culmination of Fox's X-Men decades-long franchise was at only $ 32.8 million the box office – an all-time low for the franchise – despite a star-studded cast and one of the most famous titles in the legacy of X-Men . After the disappointing debut, the writer / director wrote Simon Kinberg [1

9659006] gave an open, stylish interview in KCRW's podcast The Business in which he set out how publication date shifts and the merger of Disney and Fox impacted the film's journey and why he did not use any of it as an excuse.

"It's clear a movie that was not associated with the audience that did not see it. He clearly did not relate enough to the audience who saw him. So that's up to me, "said Kinberg. That does not mean that there were no problems on the way. Primarily, the filmmaker pointed to Dark Phoenix for an unscheduled summer release date – a release date that also left the film after Avengers: Endgame . & # 39; s phenomenal success.


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"I always had the feeling that we had a hard date for this particular movie. Kinberg said, "It was not a classic superhero movie, it was more of a dramatic, intimate, little movie. Originally it would come out in November, then it would come out in February, and that was the day I thought it would have been more appropriate. "

Six weeks after perhaps the biggest movie or the second biggest movie in the history of cinema, which happens to be in the superhero genre, was difficult for us," he continued, "and I always expected that that this is the case It's going to be hard to be in the tailwind of this movie. But I would not blame it on the weekend.

While Kinberg was investigating whether it is true that James Cameron asked Dark Phoenix to move so Alita: Battle Angel could release the release date for February However, he asked if his film could ever have been completed in time for the launch in February. "It's hard to know," he said. "If we had sped up certain things in this film, he might be ready at that point," he explains, remaking Dark Phoenix was not as intense as in some previous X-Men films. but in the end, they did not have the choice.

But it was not just the jumbled release date, Dark Phoenix there was also the impending merger of Disney and Fox, first reported at the show in late 2017, at the beginning of the Kinberg post-production process. While never pointing the finger at the deal, the filmmaker discussed what it was like to be in the forefront of the industry-shaking fusion in the Fox family, especially in the last few months when the Fallout began to become a showpiece.


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"Well, there's no question that people were either fired or walked," Kinberg said. I think the massive layoffs have been good for people Over the past six months, there have been massive layoffs. Like thousands and thousands of people. The marketing and advertising side of Fox was so affected, and I noticed it because I did not know that I went to marketing meetings every week and there were people who were not there anymore. These were people with whom I worked for many years on many films.

Kinberg made clear that he was becoming more and more worried about his colleagues and their families rather than his movie, but the layoffs were not the only element of the deal that influenced marketing. The timing also fit between two ownership periods and allowed Disney to land in cinemas within a few weeks Dark Phoenix . "When it comes to marketing movies, they're clearly the best in the world, Disney," Kinberg said. "But I know that their process is usually to start one year after a movie is released, in our case they got the movie two months after it was released and they could not do anything until the merger was completed."

Regardless of the reason, Kinberg bears full responsibility for the disappointing debut of his film. "I'm here and say, if a movie does not work, put it on me," said Kinberg. "I am the author / director of the film, the film has made no connection to the audience, that's up to me."

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