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Dave Gettleman explains why Giants Landon Collins did not act … and that makes perfect sense

The Giants signaled that they were open to business and took steps when they traded with Damon Harrison and Eli Apple in October.

The defensive co-captain Landon Collins would have lifted a white flag.

a delicate situation, "said General Manager Dave Gettleman to Mike Francesa of WFAN, reminding of the NFL's 1-7 record.

" Back then we were at our Nadir, we were just so low I know that every decision coming from the GM and the head coach sends down a message, but I just felt that the news that would be sent by Landon was bad news I'm still glad we did what we did. "

Gettleman came under fire for failing to receive a return from Collins, who last week signed a record $ 84 million contract with the United States

The best offer the Giants received for Collins was a pick of the fourth round in the NFL Draft 201

9, as previously reported by NJ Advance Media, Bleacher Report said the Giants declined one n First-Rounder, who was told by Gettleman, "that he does not even come from far off to be exact.

Gettleman spends a lot of energy finding the right dressing room chemistry, and he has read this situation correctly.

Neither Apple nor Harrison had the same locker room as Collins, whose respect went beyond all cliques of position groups.

After the locker room crumbled in the 2017 season and resulted in shots, Gettleman decided to keep the lead of the second half of the game, was worth more than a fourth round. Shurmur's job is simple. He helped to foster self-ego thinking rooted and lost confidence in the management that led to the 2017 implosion.

"I did not think the value was there," said Gettleman, "and it's about the value it did not do.

The Giants won four of their next five games, but closed 3-0 with Collins, who was knocked out by a shoulder operation, and Collins became an unrestricted free agent when the Giants decided not to label him as a franchisee.

"I hurt," said co-captain of the special teams, Michael Thomas, after Collins was injured. "I respect the hell out of him, I'm proud of how he dealt with this situation and carried himself On the other hand, it is not necessary for Gettleman to reward Collins – a captain, pro bowler, and good citizen – by hiring even a he fierce contract renewal offer makes changing room this season. Especially to Sterling Shepard, who will be in a similar location in the next offseason.

Look no further than finding Gettleman's mistakes in dealing with the Panthers Stars to see that cooking is allowed to be a real problem.

It took him to sign, that was the big picture, "said Gettleman. "We thought our best bet would be to let him go, to see what the market would bring, and to call us. And the market has gone crazy. "

Due to the size of Collins' contract and its planned role, the Giants are likely to receive compensation at the end of the third round of the 2020 NFL Draft. It could be 1-32 points better than the fourth, which was offered in 2019, but with a delay of one year.

"We are very aware of this," said Gettleman. "We will get a third round."

Of course, these words are a gettleman's admission that the Giants are not planning to award a major contract to a freelance agency that would offset the loss of Collins in the Compensation formula. However, the first week of free brokerage has already shown that the Giants' plan is to look for short-term bargains, increase selections, and save cap-space for 2020.

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