David Bell of Cincinnati Reds won on Thursday in his manager's debut 5: 3 against Pittsburgh Pirates on the opening day
Adam Baum, [email protected]

After finishing his post-match press conference, David Bell returned to the clubhouse with Bronson Arroyo.

"Man, you should have heard of 'em when you took out Castillo!" Arroyo said with a laugh.

Arroyo referred to Bell's first major decision in the game as a manager. He pulled the starter Luis Castillo with two outs in the sixth inning after 91 places. When Jared Hughes gave up the lead, Twitter Bell lit and analyst Chris Welsh questioned the decision. Bell also heard from the fans on the good seats.

"A man really bothered me," Bell said.

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That's life as a manager. You will think a lot. Bell's first real game as manager of a major league enabled him to make many decisions later in the game, some of which worked, some not.

But the bottom line he came out with a result victory.

"It's different than spring training," Bell said. "They prepare themselves and try to think through all the scenarios. No matter how many you think through, something will turn up. I think the preparation will help you.


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Bell showed – as promised – he would think outside the manager's usual box: [19659005] – He called Raisel Iglesias, until then the conventional closer, in the eighth. The plan was for Iglesias to end the game. He did not. Bell had to bring two pitchers to reach the last two outs of the ninth.

"We talked about it," Bell said. "He will play in important situations. In the eighth there, the middle of the order was (came up). I give him a lot of credit. He has big outs for us. He will finish such games for us. "

– Bell used Michael Lorenzen, previously the conventional setup reliever, to beat Jesse Winker in the seventh race. Lorenzen then remained in the midfield. Lorenzen could also have been at the end.

"You still have him in the game," Bell said. "If you're in a situation where we're doing extra innings, or if he's the pitcher we want to use, he's still an option. We tried to make a run. We were 5: 2. He worked so hard to prepare for these situations.

– When Iglesias went into ninth position two, Bell went with match matches to the last two outs. Left-hander Amir Garrett beat Adam Frazier, the only dough he faced. Right-handed man David Hernandez claimed Corey Dickerson for the final after running Pablo Reyes.

"It's a lot to ask (Iglesias) to finish the game," Bell said. "In this particular case, we had Amir ready to face the left-hander. We had David ready to face the whip hitter. They did their job. That was really the key. "

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– Pulling Castillo, who had only allowed two hits, could be considered as an early hook. But he approached his pitch limit.

"It's early in the season," said Bell. "What a great game he did. I'm so happy for him. He came closer. He had not been at this time, but once in spring training. We thought he was going to end this inning and that would have been for him. But he got a base runner. We trust our bullpen so much.

In Game 1, everything worked for Bell, who quickly distracted the loan.

"In the end, it's the players who do the job," he said. "That's what happened (Thursday)." [19659029]
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