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David Fizdale suggests Frank Ntilikina could not be part of Knicks' long-term plans

Photo: Ronald Martinez (Getty)

To the surprise of not a single person on earth, a Knicks team has missed Kristaps Porzingis, and Tim Hardaway Jr., Mario Hezonja and Emmanuel Mudiay have big big-ass spin minutes and lose a lot Games. They've lost two in a row and four out of five and they've scored the fifth worst point difference in basketball, and their defense is a disaster, and they stink. Throw them in the trash again and ignite the garbage.

But the situation has a unity of philosophy and purpose between head coach David Fizdale, President Steve Mills and General Manager Scott Perry. In particular, they support the idea of ​​giving Mudiay plenty of playing time – whose characteristic NBA move is to walk to a spot on the ground exactly five meters from the hoop, pick up his dribble, swing twice, and then pass the ball backwards alternating with players wearing Knicks jerseys and players wearing other jerseys – while 20-year-old guard Frank Ntilikina, who has so far lacked the confidence to sit down to a coherent NBA offense, but also his nerves, Repeatedly moving the sick Mudiay men until my eyes shoot out of my skull and are replaced by roaring fountains:

"I have a front office to assist me," Fizdale said regarding his tough decisions regarding Ntilikina , "We need to know who moves out of this group. And unfortunately not every single player in this squad will be. That's the nature of the business. We have to get out of this year and know who these guys are who will move forward with us.

It is worth noting that Fizdale can spend minutes on Trey Burke, a veteran member of an expiring contract, and Courtney Lee, who has signed an expiring contract, will absolutely not end the season as a member of the Knicks, be it through trade or by buyout. He has minutes for Damyean Dotson, the beneficiary of the trickster of the hot hands, and for Kevin Knox, who may be a Labrador puppy, running his leash out of his mouth. But when it comes to the eighth overall victory of the previous year, no dice. I have to focus on the guys who can come out of this group, like uhh [grabs passerby at random] young [tugs at passerby’s name tag] uhh maintenance specialist, here .

At that time, it was still possible to imagine Ntilikina One day, he developed into a central part of the next respectable Knicks team – that was the last season, by the way – and he promised that a defender, who would become himself circling the perimeter, could turn around and play a decent two-man game with Porzingis. The former is an innate trait – Ntilikinas has fast feet and good instincts and arms that extend across the horizon in more than two directions – while the latter is primarily related to a healthy Porzingis being a functional NBA offense. Wilford Brimley could play a decent two-man game with Porzingis. It helps that Ntilikina has a functional jump shot, but a healthy Porzingis makes it all easier.

Without Porzingis, as the Knicks were for the last 26 games of the last season and were for every minute For one, the insult is much more difficult. This is above all a problem for Ntilikina, who is not yet a very good creator or penetrator and can operate on the perimeter rather robotically, not to mention nerve-racking, tooth-loving passive. The Knicks, who are looking for a bit more pomp out of position, have prioritized the protocol of Mudiay, an extremely poor guard who is still very comfortable hunting for shots in NBA games, quite gradually and then suddenly. Ntilikina scored an average of just over 30 minutes per game in New York's first nine games this season, then just under 20 minutes per game in the next nine games and just over 10 minutes in each of the last eight games, including zero minutes three. Meanwhile, Mudiay played less than 20 minutes per game in the first two weeks of the season. In December, however, it has so far been an average of 35 minutes per game.

But the criteria that make a guard fit into a criminal offense centered on [gulp]. Enes Kanter and [GULP] Tim Hardaway Jr. are not necessarily valid for the long-term interest of a Knicks team, which eventually focuses on Porzingis. Their brutal offense could use a somewhat clever shot creation today. Who cares! If the Knicks still need this desperate Mudiay mess, when Porzingis is back to health and health, all members of the organization should be sent to a gulag. In a reasonable world, perhaps one (1) of the non-Ntilikina and Porzingis players mentioned so far in this blog might be in New York's future plans beyond this season. And since this season was lost, Porzingis & # 39; ACL was kablooey in February, and almost nothing that happens this season should take precedence over what will happen after this season.

An impending issue is what exactly the ideas of Knicks Front Office will be after this season. The Knicks may consider their collection of young players, including Ntilikina, as an asset used in trading proposals for established NBA stars. Or, alternatively, the grumpy spirit of John Wall, which is just a very cunning way of thinking:

Some in the league believe that the Knicks will top up their young fortune and make a big fuss for Wall if he does so. The Wizards (11-14) were ready to break it after their catastrophic start.

The Faith of some longtime, even emaciated Eastern Conference teams, of which they are just a trade or an insane-free coup. Making the leap from near laughter to next super-team is like a brain disease. Whatever may happen, in the meantime, the poor young Ntilikina transforms into New York's own version of Jan Vesely, the fresh and promising Wizards lottery from exotic, far-flung lands by an organization that turns into miserable basketball -Hass-pulp has been entangled Apparently there was no coherent plan to handle important questions of trust. In 23 games this season Ntilikina had more games in which he had tried less than four shots (four), as if he scored in double-digit numbers (three). His effort – Cody Zeller, who has been heartbreaking this season – 14.9 percent – has dropped to a staggering 11.5 percent in the past five games, and his percentage of support this year is at 16.9 percent Sub-Mason Plumlee. His passivity is in despair. Here is the young Frank, who was already unleashed by the bitter questioning of his pent-up fear:

When asked how he behaved in these uncertain times, Ntilikina went back to the questioner.

Do you see now – what do I look like? "

" Good? "Was the answer."

"I'm fine. How do I look out there [on the court]?

"You look like you're working hard.

"Of course I have to do what I have to do," he said, "Put the work in and stay positive and cheer my teammates."

It was not the first time in a short but persistent questioning that he threw back the question When asked if he knew if he would play against Boston on Thursday, Ntilikina said, "What did the coach say?"


"Then maybe Fizdale said Ntilikina is not always far from a return to the season and he just has to stay ready, but as far as he is from getting back into the field, he is At least 7 feet and 3 inches of transcendent Latvian versatility to find firm foundations and a meaningful trajectory in New York's offense, and that's a distance Knicks will not cover for an oppressively long time. "In the meantime, hey, we r has more Mudiay? Woooooo.

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