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David Lee Roth and Armin Van Buuren on "Remixed" Jump & Rolling Stone

You did not really live until you were on the business side of a David Lee Roth Zinger. "Can you make a drum sound like in dance music? Everyone has their own version, "he asks just a few seconds into our call. After a few Oomph-Oomph-Oomphs he cuts me off. "Alright, I can already say your ethnicity," he says with a laugh. The singer or, as he says, "the patron saint of midnight, when all are guilty," explains that he is indeed a dance musician. "That's why Eddie Van Halen and I had so much friction in those decades," he says. "It's the only music I hear."

It comes as no surprise then that Roth played surprisingly in the Dutch trance-look of Svengali Armin van Buuren at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, where the duo remixed Van Halen & # 39; s biggest hit "Jump". When Roth ("Call Me & # 39; David Lee") and van Buuren joined Rolling Stone [1


"Jumping" is 128 beats per minute, 126 depending on the printing company your vinyl was running at that time Roth said, "What's the new track?"

"It's 130," van Buuren offers, "I've accelerated it a bit to match the tempo of the rest of the songs in my set."

"It's the equivalent of general blood pressure and adrenaline, serotonin, an alcoholic, unobtrusive house mix that's about 100 meters north of [Ultra's] tent city." Roth rejoins.

Originally, Roth wrote the infectious opening blow to the Album 1984 with.He saw news material from a suicide who threatened jumping out of a nearby building, thinking someone in the crowd had to think, "move on and jump," and he refocused the texts to focus on love as he wrote them in the backseat of his Mercury Convertible. The song was originally released just before Christmas 1983 as a single, a few weeks before the band released their Diamond Album 1984 . She eventually spent five weeks at Number One in the US and nearly half a year on the American charts. It also beat the charts in Italy and Canada.

"I am sure that many of the children I'm playing for are probably not even familiar with the original and how big the track was when it was released," says van Buuren. "It was also easy to choose because I encourage my people to jump and the song has a deeper meaning. I hope the kids get it when they hear the song when they start to invest some time in the story of the song. "

" It's a gut, "says Roth. "It's like your dog knows you're drunk. In your gut, you know exactly what it's all about, and the deeper meaning of [song’s] is being able to do something when you're unsure. You know you want it, but that's why we teach our children ballet and music lessons. We've got them to do dog shows and 4-H clubs, so you can do pretty well, even if you're kind of scared.

The remix came together when a friend of van Buuren offered to send him the recording of the song Stängel "I'm like" Yeah damn, yeah, "says the producer," I already knew that song as a kid I think I was 6 when the track was a hit everywhere, all I wanted was the stalks, because I always thought, "What if you had the energy of this song from 1982 and could broadcast it to 2019? ? "He sent it to Roth a few weeks ago and the singer loved it

" The fact that David is open to such a thing is pretty big for me, "says van Buuren.

" I agree with all this Roth says, "It's the first step toward world peace if we can do it."

Rolling Stone Performance?
Armin van Buuren: I just sent it [to the Van Halen camp] and did not hear anything for two or three weeks. And suddenly I got a call from Raymond van Vliet from Cloud 9 [Music] and he could not even breathe. He's like, "They love it and may even want to come to your show." I'm like, "What?" "David is a big dance music fan." I'm like, "You're kidding me. really? "I thought that was so cool, so we came together.

David Lee Roth: Let's go back a bit, I'm going back to the day the key to your hotel room is given a small plastic label It was a big ritual when we landed in my rock band in New York City because I would give my key to a street manager to go upstairs and change the 60-minute cassette and turn it up because I've taken up WKTU, Stereo 92.

Van Buuren: Do you still have these tapes?

Roth: I have a few of them Bet I know you say, "Why not 90-minute cassettes?" Well, because they were jamming somewhere in Dayton, Ohio, I was an expert in this area, so I would not be in the studio or wherever we would play, and on both sides would be three 60-minute bands which has been recorded. I would have to do that for up to six months, depending on where we started. That goes way back.

So you already knew the music of Armin van Buuren?
Roth: Of course. I know all or most of his work. Do you really want to go back? Van Halen is based on the European Music Hall, the old Vaudevillian [entertainment as rock]. From there came Freddie Mercury and Bowie. If you look under the hood, Van Halen is a European engine. It adds up perfectly.

Van Buuren: I think it's weird that there's so much Dutch DNA in this song. And a Dutchman mixed it. They are van Buuren and Van Halen. I thought that was weird.

Roth: Well, my God is a savage and vindictive Old Testament God, but he has also created comedians of the Borscht Belt.

David, can you describe how the remix sounds to you, as our readers may not go to Ultra?
You want us to describe sound? I would like to tell you about the time when I was sitting in New York with my guitarist, laying on a parquet floor with a headset and talking blue. [on a monitor]. And I said to him, what do you think? Is the color I'm looking at right? He says, "A little less. "I said," How about this? "He says," Too much. "I noticed 20 minutes later that he did not have anything in his mind, you really want us to discuss the tone?

Just give me an idea of ​​what Armin did with the song. [19659015] Roth: Sure, it's like you're driving past the pyramids for the first time … Do you remember that feeling?

I did not have that experience in my life yet.
We give you the "Stevie Wonder Version", so to speak.

Van Buuren: I did not change the song too much. We have recreated the Oberheim synth in the original. I just played it completely in relation to the original. And the original track is not on time, so I had to spend a lot of time putting all the original logs at the click of a button.

Roth: Can I say something about why it's not specific time or on the grid? That's because we approached the celebration as a seasonal thing, not just at Christmas, but for the whole winter. So that's what you call "Russian dragons". Your drummer is either rushing or crowding. And that leads to … OK, now I'm overbearing and overbearing. How many men in my job need a light bulb? On. We wait for the world to turn around.

Van Buuren: So at first I did something for my DJ set because I thought it would be cool to premiere it on Ultra. At this time it was not necessarily produced as a radio song. It's for a crazy crowd, 18-22 year-olds, who dance their socks to a song they do not know was originally made in 1982.

Roth: What time did you drive away, is this 9 o'clock?

Van Buuren: 9:20.

Roth: You could post 9:15 on a T-shirt and all our colleagues would know what that means, right? No matter if Jason Aldean or Armin here or me. No matter if Ariana Grande. By the way, Kory, you're in business. Which part is "Grande"?

The one in front of "venti".
Órale! When Gaga calls, I'm taken, OK?

Van Buuren: No. I wish he had done it. He is an amazing guitar player.

Roth: What kind of guitar does he play?

Van Buuren: Well, he could not talk to you if he sat in this chair because he has so much respect for where you come from. He knows all the albums of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani back and forth.

Roth: The top secret of all this music is that we went international very early. We did not discuss it, but let's start with órale as the influence of Latino. One of our most famous songs, and we are a power trio with a singer, is "Jamie's Crying". Today I can tell you that it's Ricky Ricardo, r-r-rumba. Sing a part of the song ]. That's not Heavy Metal unless we played for the Lowriders. In that case, Armin, you have to change your evil ways. ese laughs . But that [Mexican feel] is the middle part of "Dance the Night Away", OK

David, what do you remember when you heard the music "Jump" for the first time?
Roth: My musical background is classical in many ways and not just orchestral. The same applies to the Van Halen brothers. One of the posters I had on the wall was Lenny Bernstein, and it went far beyond the orchestra to Broadway. In this case, West Side Story witnessed the likeminded theaters such as Damn Yankees . In Damn Yankees the key song is: "You must have heart". I learned this song word by word, probably when I was five or six years old. "Jump" is the answer.

What do you mean?
Roth: I'm a smartass. You want me to have heart? What is my first step? Well, first you have to spend all your time trying to reach your goal, testing the deep end with both big toes. Sometimes there is no shallow end. And now I sound like the devil in Damn Yankees right? "Test it with both feet, Dave. They can swim. "Even with many of the Van Halen plays, you think of Broadway. the talking part in the middle of "Ain & # 39; t Talkin" & # 39; Bout Love & # 39; is like the collapse in West Side Story . "Now I know Tony, as I know myself … But the playground is Jets territory. Sings ] If you are a jet, you are a jet all the way. "

And again, these are secret ingredients that we would bring into our music, and they give them a translational quality that contradicts the genre. You can play it on a ukulele. For example, I heard "Bohemian Rhapsody", which Jake Shimabukuro played on ukulele. it will definitely hit you in the heart. Do you want tears in your eyes for the next scene? Hear this. And I have played it hard to be played by orchestras with 150 pieces. It's all about the translation. We tried to create that kind of music in Van Halen, and maybe we have.

What about when you heard the synth sound for the first time? That was pretty different for your band back then.
Roth: That was not the case for me. It sounded like Shalamar laughs ]. Really. Listen to "Dead Giveaway" by Shalamar in about the same amount of time. Dance floors are like a mulcher. They really eat up the material and force a competitive quality that is probably closer to classical music. Popular music, everyone gets along. One world, one love.

In an orchestra, about once a year [they]"Hey, I'm the second chairman. I challenge you. "And we both play the same song. Who plays better, gets the first chair and is competitive, and you win. Urgency and fast switching in dance music In most genres, that does not happen that often.

When did dance music become the main music you heard?
My pop had just completed his medical studies I started his practice and moved to Altadena, California. And that became part of the bus program. The very first record I ever bought was a one-dollar single by Major Lance singing "Monkey Time." All my first girlfriends were black and spanish speaking. Some of them can still be seen in old YouTube rewinds by Soul Train . And I have two lowriders to this day. That's for the 7-Eleven. Ask Armin the next question.

Armin, are there any other Van Halen songs that you would like to remix with or work with?
Van Buuren: Well, this song has the pace, which is very tempting. Actually, I do not do many remixes, to be honest. Especially touching a song is very sensitive. And that's why I sent it to the band, especially because I did not want to step on my toes. I know the heritage of the songs. Touching such a song is a bit scary because you know how many fans love the original.

Roth: Armin, if I may …

Van Buuren: It's such a big song.

Roth: They made the same sound as they changed Batman's costume. Van Buuren laughs .]

You get used to it.

Van Buuren: It is somehow similar to a Rembrandt or Van Gogh painting. You add colors; They would not do that. Fortunately, the original is still there and will not be damaged. But if they want to see the new version, they have to come to Ultra and see them.

Roth: You see, I would take the picture and get it with Adobe Photoshop and I would do that fucker, starting with the blues until the retina bursts. I'll work through this palette, and I'll need four damn days, and I will not even finish with the facial expressions, Pal [ laughs ]. Sorry, it's an art thing.

Are there any other songs in your catalog that you want to remix, Dave?
They are all remixable, but that's also the case with so many different genres from "the groove". And if it's dubstep, chill, trance, and so on, and yes, judge, I'll admit it. I know the difference.

If you talk about Remix, I'm an extremist and would go to Korea. We are at Henson Studios in the heart of Tinseltown. Pharrell goes through these corridors and John Mayer picks up and flops down the hall. He now lives here in the studio. The grateful dead were very, very good to him. God bless you. But no, here's a lot of Shakespeare, musically and theatrically. And if you say "remix," that could be 15 different haircuts before happy hour. Yes Yes Yes. Should I say it 15 times?

Would you like to start something with "Panama"?
Roth to van Buuren ]: Oh, he tries to ask the question. They do it all the time on CNN. He just gave you the answer laughs ]. And yes, we are thinking about doing "Panama", we will bring it directly to you. laughs ].

Van Buuren: Exactly!

Roth: "Panama" is a groove. This has a four-floor [beat]. Yes, some of them have a supersonic boogie, but if you know how to swing and jitter, and if you know something about Frankie Manning and his Lindy Hopper, then you could catch up. Take a look at the jitterbug scene in Hellzapoppin . If you're young and fun, let's try.

How do you want to introduce "Jump" at Ultra Fest?
Roth: It's not poetry if I have to explain it to you, Kory. Cmon, you want me to roll, smoke and get the cancer for you? Come on.

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