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David Ortiz may have sustained organ damage in an ambush in the Santo Domingo bar

Another company, El Nuevo Diario, identified a suspect in the shooting as Eddy Feliz García. Officials said on Monday that he had been taken into police custody.

The newspaper Listin Diario reported that García had a drug trafficking operation in which police officers were quoted. Relying on prosecution, CBS reported that another suspect had been sought on Monday.

A Dominican National Police spokesman told CNN that in connection with the shootings, several people had been arrested, who quickly echoed throughout the sports world, and support messages from a number of current and former athletes.

Among the many athletes who voted for Ortiz after shooting was former Red Sox star Jon Lester.

"Pure shock," Lester tweeted. "It was not a robbery, it was a hit and they had better get to the bottom of it. Thankfully, no amount of evil or hatred can overcome such a big heart. You have @davidortiz, we love you, brother!

The Dominican health service said one of the suspects is being treated in a local hospital, CNN reported.

Ortiz was in the dial bar and lounge when an armed man, who had risen from a motorcycle, approached from behind at around 8:50 pm Sunday and shot him up close in the lower back, Associated Press said.

The surveillance video released in the social media of El Nuevo Diario showed the collapse of Ortiz from the chair he was sitting on when people fled around him.

Ortiz's father, Leo Ortiz, told reporters on Monday that his son was expecting a full recovery.

A photo of David Ortiz, who was apparently hospitalized after surgery, has appeared on social media. A woman who posted the photo wrote in Spanish: "Thank goodness out of danger!"

On Monday, a Globe reporter on the way to the Dominican Republic spoke with fans of Ortiz, who showed relief that the Earlier players had emerged to recover from his injuries.

"Thank goodness," said Ramon Pena, 68, in Spanish, as he waited for a flight to Santo Domingo where he visited relatives. "He's such a good man, such a humanitarian, he's a leader in the country."

"Who would want to do that to him?" Said Cristina Vallejo, 62, who traveled with him.

Vallejo said the country adores Ortiz, not just for its baseball arts. but for the pride he shows in the Dominican Republic and his loyalty to his homeland.

"When a tragedy happens, it always responds. He always supports the victim, said Vallejo. "He has raised our country."

Pena said that security in the Dominican Republic is a serious problem ̵

1; shootings are widespread and people's homes are being broken in by daylight.

"They will break iron gates," Vallejo said. "This should be a wake up call to the government. An example that more needs to be done to improve safety … This shows that nobody is safe from a crime.

A trauma specialist at the Tufts Medical Center weighed in on a brief telephone interview on Monday.

"This is a very serious injury that can be life-threatening," Dr. Horacio M. Hojman, Chief of Trauma Surgery at Tufts, who emphasized that his comments are based only on short messages.

The biggest worry is the damage to the colon. When the large intestine breaks up, stool runs into the abdomen and can cause serious infections, Hojman said. Doctors are able to clean it, and in the case of Ortiz it is believed that they have reconnected the colon.

Ortiz was due to appear in Boston on Wednesday for a fundraiser for the Ellie Fund, which supports breast cancer patients, the group's website said.

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