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David Ortiz shoots: The suspect is probably the same man being searched in Pennsylvania

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP) – One of the suspects wanted to shoot former Red Sox superstar David Ortiz is said to be the same one the authorities in Pennsylvania sought for attempted murder.

Luis Rivas-Clase, 31, is charged in April 2018 in Reading. The victim, who had been shot in the lower back, told the authorities that Rivas-Clase had threatened to have him killed a few days before the shooting.

The Pennsylvania authorities have posted a criminal photo of Rivas-Clase, a suspect in a picture of strongly resembles Dominican authorities who gave the same name, but without the hyphen listed in the US court documents.

The police identified suspects in the shootings for David Ortiz as Rolfy Ferreyra, aka Sandy, the alleged shooter, in the top row from the left. Joel Rodriguez de la Cruz aka Squiddy; Oliver Moises Mirabal Acosta; and Eddy Vladimir Feliz Garcia, aka The Package. Bottom row from left, Polfirio Allende Dechamps Vazquez, aka The Kid; Luis Alfredo Rivas Clase (who left on Wednesday), also known as The Surgeon; and Reynaldo Rodriguez Valenzuela, aka The Chinaman. – Dominican Republic National Police over AP

Berks District Attorney John Adams said on Thursday that based on the images in the mug shots and the name match, he believed it to be the same. He said the confirmation must be done through a fingerprint match.

In any case, the Pennsylvania authorities do not expect to bring Rivas-Clase to trial in Pennsylvania, if at all.

Since That Person If charges were filed in the Dominican Republic, the chance of getting him back would, frankly, be far-fetched.

Rivas-Clase faces separate charges due to an October traffic obstruction in Reading. The police accused him of misrepresenting law enforcement and driving without a driver's license. The deposit was set at $ 10,000. According to records, a bond manager deposited a bond on November 29th.

Rivas-Clase skipped the bail and was subsequently classified as a refugee according to the online file.

In this case, a message was left for his lawyer. The court records do not include a lawyer in the case of an attempted murder in Pennsylvania.


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