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David Simon: Capital Gazette shoot partly due to Trump rhetoric

"Blood today in an American newsroom, are you not proud, you vile, fascist son of a bitch," the scriptwriter tweeted to the president.

David Simon said Thursday that President Trump had some responsibility for shooting a Maryland newspaper because of his hate-paced rhetoric against numerous print and TV outlets.

The Newscaster and creator of The Wire said he had friends in the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, where on Thursday afternoon a man came in and started shooting in his late 30s Staff, kill five and hurt a bunch of others. The defendant reportedly had a grudge against the newspaper for a story in which he felt maligned. He complained. The case was thrown in court.

Even before he took office, Trump attacked the media for essentially every report in which he was painted in the dim light by facts. Although he has never encouraged direct media violence, he has on several occasions told his supporters that they are "the enemy of the people," and he wants to call reporters at his rallies for his followers to harass them You.

It's a blame for Simon.

"Blood today in an American newsroom. Are you not proud, you vile, fascist son of a bitch," tweeted Simon in response to a Trump tweet in mid-February in which he repeatedly attacked outlets, including CNN and The New York Times .

Simon was relentless when he was warned by some, apparently Trump supporters, that he was unable to make the fatal incident political until the exact motive for the shooting became known.

"Two of my friends are still missing because, according to this US president, they work in this newsroom as" enemies of the people. "He is blamed for the words he said about the reputation of journalists in our society, Simon said in a post .

"Whatever was the shooter's head, the US President was ready to reinforce and confirm it, we know that, it's on the record, and the US President has informed the citizens of the Republic that Journalists are "people's enemies", "he said in another post .

Still in contact with Trump supporters, Simon kept responding to tweets that attacked his statements Friday morning.

"The gun has been fired My friends have been murdered at their desks by doing work that makes the US President" enemies of the people ", wrote Simon on a tweet. "He said it aloud, words make sense."

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