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David Vonderhaar doubts his call of duty future in a cryptic statement

Treyarch's longtime studio design director David Vonderhaar has scratched members of the Call of Duty community after posting a series of tweets that have since been deleted suggesting he could move away from CoD.

For many CoD fans, Vonderhaar has been the unofficial face of Treyarch for a number of years, and in particular the acclaimed Black Ops series. However, this could change as the 46-year-old indicates he has been asked to part with the franchise.

After completing the CWL World Championship for Black Ops 4, Vonderhaar tweeted: "I was asked by someone if I wanted to separate my daily connection with the Call of Duty world that I was part of. I respect that. It makes sense. Before I leave … Good luck to all esport heroes of the Call of Duty World League.

According to Vonderhaar, someone he respects has asked him to disconnect from the CoD.

This statement has triggered much speculation. Some fans, including Reddit's ScottyKNG, believe the tweet is simply an indication that David Vonderhaar will be separating his Call of Duty work from his private life and Twitter personality.

"I have the impression that he will not talk about cash on his personal Twitter," said the Redditor in a thread on the tweet. "Keep work and his private life separate."

Others have thought that it may indeed be a sign that his work with Treyarch or at least Call of Duty could come to an end and that Black Ops 4 was his last CoD title for the company.

Activision / YouTube

Vonderhaar is synonymous with Treyarch's Call of Duty games.

"I think it's one of two options," says Against-The-Current at Reddit. A: Vahn is dramatic, and when disconnected from the Call of Duty world, his unnecessary tweets stop. B: Treyarch has asked him to resign for some reason [un]. I believe it's this option because Treyarch has become so ridiculous and this would not be far-fetched. Vonderhaar's tweets did not stop here, however, and he gave props to Ryan Wyatt, Hector H3CZ Rodriguez, and Mike Rufail in a follow-up posting that states Call of.

Duty without them would never have reached their current heights.

Something, "he said." Fwiz, hastr0, H3CZ and many more, none of this exists when [out] these pioneers beat my inbox Good shit, people It's an honor to know you all. "

Fwiz, H3CZ and hastr0 were pioneers of CoD as Esport.

CharlieIntel shared another tweet from Vonderhaar, who was also deleted a few hours later, where he was again thinking about CoD's competitive travel expeditions

"We've come a long way," he said, "I can not help it in this regard cond. I just do not care what it costs anymore something done together. It was shit, it was fantastic. Pat on the back. "

David Vonderhaar is seen by many Call of Duty fans and players as crucial to the scene being blown up during the Black Ops 2 season thanks to its practical and efficient features. A front-facing approach to competitive CoD. an approach he has adopted in the future titles of Treyarch.

The popular developer was also heavily involved in the community administration of the games he worked on. He regularly posted on Twitter and Reddit to answer concerns and questions from casual fans and competing players. During the life of Black Ops 4, however, he has become increasingly less active in social media.

After some fans had expressed concerns about him after his initial tweets, Vonderhaar made it clear he was "alright" and stated, "I'm in the best of places I've been in for years. "

Since the tweets were released, David has been bombarded with support and gratitude by Call of Duty fans and members of the competitive scene. I appreciate his straightforward and open approach the game development over the years.

"So many careers, lives and friendships were made possible when you decided to take a chance to help us out," said Team Envy CEO hastr0. "Always obliged to you, my friend."

VanillaGorilla summed up the views of many Call of Duty players on Twitter and suggested that the Vonderhaar community would always see as one of the key figures in the history of the franchise.

"The COD community is a passionate one," said the Twitter user. "Sometimes in the wrong way, but in the end, David Vonderhaar's head would be on edge if they ever did a Mount Rushmore for Call Of Duty." Black Ops 2 brought me cash on delivery and is still my # 1 cash on delivery. Either way, thank you. "

After a day of mysterious tweets, Vonderhaar said goodbye for the night with one last cryptic post:

"Starve the ego, feed the soul, good night and thanks for all the fish."

It was not an easy year for Treyarch. In June, Kotaku published a report on the development of Black Ops 4, which claimed that many members of the development team were dissatisfied with the working conditions and the direction in which the game is developing. In July, it was reported that veteran developer Jason Blundell had been fired from Treyarch – a report Activision officially denied.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, developed by Infinity Ward, will be the next episode of the incredibly popular CoD franchise. The eagerly anticipated game is due to be released on October 25, 2019.

Competitive Call of Duty will switch to a franchise model for 2020, and Treyarch is not involved in the development of Modern Warfare, so many of Vonderhaars tweets could be good. Be nothing more than nostalgia about how far CoD is as a sport came in the last few years.

The first statement, however, seems to indicate that he may be less involved in everything that has to do with the CoD, at least in public. What it really means for the Treyarch legend to separate itself from CoD on a daily basis remains a mystery for the time being.

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