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Day 2 NFL Mock Draft: Patriots take Mason Rudolph, Cowboys find WR and every choice for rounds 2 and 3

When Thursday was over, we had a crazy Round 1 and now it's time to turn our attention to Day 2. Chris Trapasso gave you his opinion on the Top 25 remaining prospects and here I'll try to give you a glimpse of how rounds 2 and 3 could shake out.

Will Brinson announce his winners and losers if he wants to know more about the events in Round 1, out of a crazy night. Plus, you can read all Pete Prisco's Round 1 Sheet Music

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Let's get to the tips.

Round 2

33. Cleveland Browns

Harold Landry, DE / LB, Boston University. The Browns add some pass-rush after passing Bradley Chubb to No.4. But would not you rather have Chubb and Josh Jackson?

34th New York Giants

Will Hernandez, G, UTEP. Maybe not the biggest need, but Hernandez is a first round talent and fits in with what the Giants are doing in attack.

35th Cleveland Browns (by HOU)

Connor Williams, OT, Texas. The Browns get a new left tackle on Joe Thomas' resignation if Williams can stay in position.

36th Indianapolis Colts

Joshua Jackson, CB, Iowa. The Colts get a first-round talent in the cornerback phase as no linebackers are worth it here.

37th Indianapolis Colts (from NYJ)

Sam Hubbard, DE, Ohio State. Add another nice piece for defense after being attacked in Round 1.

38th Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Nick Chubb, RB, Georgia. Running Back should be the choice, and my gut feeling says it could be Chubb over Derrius Guice and Ronald Jones II.

. 39 Chicago Bears

James Daniels, G / C, Iowa. The bears are given a great value when they have missed Quenton Nelson.

40th Denver Broncos

Dallas Goedert, Texas, South Dakota State. We could see the Broncos move up for James Daniels or Will Hernandez, but if they stay, there's a talented tight end.

41st Oakland Raiders

Malik Jefferson, LB, Texas. This plectrum must be Defense after being attacked in the 1st round. Jefferson is probably the best available.

42nd Miami Dolphins

Fred Warner, LB, BYU. This satisfies a need, and I think Warner could go higher than we expect because of his cover ability.

43rd New England Patriots (by SF)

Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma State. If someone would not trade with Rudolph here, Pats could get him with the Jimmy Garoppolo.

44th Washington Redskins

Derrius Guice, RB, LSU. If the Redskins can get Guice back in fifth, they have to like that.

45th Green Bay Packers

Lorenzo Carter, DE / LB, Georgia. The Packers landed a corner in Round 1 and got their pass rusher.

46th Cincinnati Bengals

Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado. This would be a great value to Oliver, who could have been a late choice on Day 1. Also, do not exclude another offensive lineman.

47th Arizona Cardinals

Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A & c. M. There is a good value in the corner, but why should Josh Rosen not give a receiver to grow?

48th Los Angeles Chargers

Harrison Phillips, DT, Stanford. The Chargers value security in the first, and here they come back and pick up a defensive weapon.

49th Indianapolis Colts (from NYJ / SEA)

Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU. When Sutton takes off from the first few tips, I imagine the cowboys trying to step up. Here they only miss, as the Colts land a large receiver to replace Donte Moncrief.

50th Dallas Cowboys

D.J. Chark, WR, LSU. The cowboys should get involved with Sutton, but if they miss that, Chark is a nice consolation prize.

51st Detroit Lions

Ronald Jones II, RB, USC. The Lions should have a good start in the second round to run back.

52nd Philadelphia Eagles

Donte Jackson, CB, LSU. The Eagles might try to go back, but if not, there should be a good value in the corner.

53rd Tampa Bay Buccaneers (by BUF)

Carlton Davis, CB, Auburn. The Bucs have the ammunition to maneuver for important targets, but if they keep all their tips, the top talent will still be late in the round.

54th Kansas City Chiefs

Dorance Armstrong, OLB, Kansas. The Chiefs showed great interest in Armstrong during the preliminary draft, and perhaps did not want to miss it.

55th Carolina Panthers

Justin Reid, FS, Stanford. The Panthers would be thrilled to bring Reid here. Expect them to take care of him in the second round.

56th Tampa Bay Buccaneers (by BUF / LAR)

Austin Corbett, G / C, Nevada. The Bucs did not get Nelson in the first round, but Corbett is a solid consolation prize for guard duty.

57th Tennessee Titans

Josh Sweat, DE / LB, Florida State. I thought sweat was an option for the titans in the first round, so this could be a bargain as an apprentice behind their upcoming free agent.

58th Atlanta Falcons

Braden Smith, G, Auburn. It's hard to pass on Maurice Hurst, but I think medical problems could bring him down. The Falcons might look for DT in a round our two, but a guard upgrade here makes sense.

59th San Francisco 49ers (by NO)

Jerome Baker, LB, Ohio State. This is the place where the 49ers tackle a linebacker and Baker a second-round talent.

60th Pittsburgh Steelers

Darius Leonard, LB, South Carolina State. The Steelers could not land a linebacker in the first round, but Leonard is a nice consolation prize.

61st Jacksonville Jaguars

Tyrell Crosby, OT / G, Oregon. An interesting talent is on the board at Receiver and Tight End, but I can see how the Jags take Crosby and make him wake up.

62nd Minnesota Vikings

Uchenna Nwosu, DE / LB, USC. The Vikings could take up Nwosu and train him under Anthony Barr if they continue to put talent into their defense.

63rd New England Patriots

Rasheem Green, DE, USC. The Patriots finally go with a defensive pick, taking a pass rusher who can produce down on the third inside.

64th Cleveland Browns (by PHI)

Orlando Brown, OT, Oklahoma. The Browns could try to go back without round 3 pips, but although they used to go with a tackle earlier, it makes sense to deepen their position.

Round 3

65. Baltimore Ravens (from BUF / CLE)

Michael Gallup, WR, Colorado State. The Ravens have added a lot of listener talent in the offseason, but they still need young players who can become starters like Gallup.

66th New York Giants

Brian O'Neill, OT, Pittsburgh. The Giants add two offensive linemen on the second day after snatching back to No. 2 and giving Eli Manning all the help he needs.

67th Indianapolis Colts

Genard Avery, LB, Memphis. The Colts had no value in the linebacker position in Round 2, but they need to address that need sometime.

68th Houston Texans

Jamarco Jones, OT, Ohio State. When the Texans finally come up against the clock, Priority # 1 should be the offensive.

69th New York Giants (from TB)

Duke Dawson, CB, Florida. Even if they focus so much on the offensive, the Giants have the chance to find good corners in the third round.

70th San Francisco 49ers (from CHI)

Nathan Shepherd, DT, Fort Hays State. Would not be surprised to see this little school sneaking into the second round.

71st Denver Broncos

James Washington, WR, Oklahoma State. That's a nice value for Washington, which gives the Broncos a future in the recipient position.

72nd New York Nozzles

Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn State. The Jets used to find a franchise quarterback, and here they give it a new favorite destination.

73rd Miami Dolphins

Tim Settle, DT, Virginia Tech. The dolphins reinforce their defensive tactics following the separation from Ndamukong Suh.

74th San Francisco 49ers

Martinas Rankin, G / C, Mississippi State. The 49ers take Rankin and kick him in to improve their talent.

75th Oakland Raiders

Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan. The Raiders have plenty of tips on the third day, so they can afford to risk that Hurst's medical alerts will not be a big problem.

76th Seattle Seahawks (from GB)

Quenton Meeks, CB, Stanford. Meeks seems to fit well in this exhausted Seattle Secondary.

77th Cincinnati Bengals

Arden key, DE, LSU. The Bengals will bet on a guy with character issues, and Key could be a devastating pass rusher.

78th Kansas City Chiefs (by WAS)

Anthony Miller, WR, Memphis. The value is too good to miss Miller, who brings depth to Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins.

79th Pittsburgh Steelers (from OAK / ARI)

Kerry Johnson, RB, Auburn. This pimple was traded twice on Thursday, and the Steelers may consider using it for a potential heir of Le Veon Bell.

80th Houston Texans (by SEA)

Holton Hill, CB, Texas. The Texans should put more talent into the corner, even after signing Aaron Colvin.

81st Dallas Cowboys

Ronnie Harrison, S, Alabama. Harrison could go much sooner, so consider that a good value for the cowboys defense.

82nd Detroit Lions

Jessie Bates III, S, Wachwald. Another great value for the safety of Lions.

83rd Baltimore Ravens

Josey Jewell, LB, Iowa. The Raven have earlier focused on offensive, and here they improve their depth at linebacker

84. Los Angeles Chargers

Kyle Lauletta, QB, Richmond. The Chargers take on a young quarterback to develop behind Philip Rivers.

85th Carolina Panthers (by BUF)

Rashaan Gaulden, CB, Tennessee. Considering that Gaulden can instantly become a slot corner, it could be a bargain.

86th Kansas City Chiefs

Anthony Averett, CB, Alabama. After trading with Marcus Peters, the Chiefs need to improve their talent.

87th Los Angeles Rams

Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, OLB, Oklahoma. Look, it's the Rams! With their first pick, they take a pass rusher to add to the rotation.

88th Carolina Panthers

Chad Thomas, DE, Miami The Panthers must bring young talent to the game with a defensive end with Julius Peppers on his last legs.

89th Tennessee Titans

Armani Watts, S, Texas A & M. The Titans add a third security to the back end of their defense.

90th Atlanta Falcons

P.J. Hall, DT, Sam Houston State. Now is the time to put even more talent on the defensive after an offensive.

91st New Orleans Saints

Ian Thomas, Texas, Indiana. The Saints once paid a high price for a pass rusher, and now they can add talent on a tight end.

92nd Pittsburgh Steelers

Kemoko Turay, OLB, Rutgers. The Steelers have previously added an inner linebacker, and here they add depth to Pass-Rusher.

93rd Jacksonville Jaguars

Jeff Holland, DE, Auburn. The Jaguars add more Pass-Rush talent and could think about developing Holland as a strong linebacker.

94th Minnesota Vikings

Geron Christian, OT, Louisville. The Vikings are attacking a new real tackle, and if he is able to start, they can retake Mike Remmers.

95th New England Patriots

Dalton Schultz, TE, Stanford. The Patriots are attacking a man who can provide better depths behind Gronk.

96th Buffalo Bills (by PHI)

Dante Pettis, WR, Washington The Bills lost many draft picks by appearing twice, and after a long wait, eventually added talent to the receiving position.

97. Arizona Cardinals

M.J. Stewart, CB, North Carolina. The Cardinals should take care of the corner position on Day 2, and Stewart is a good value here.

98th Houston Texans

Chukwuma Okorafor, OT, western Michigan. The Texans are doubling because they need all the help they can get in the position.

99th Denver Broncos

Isaac Yiadom, CB, Boston College. The Broncos add a solid corner here after killing Aqib Talib.

100th Cincinnati Bengals

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