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Dazzling New Night Map Shows 300,000 New Galaxies – RT World News

A staggering map of the night sky has revealed hundreds of thousands of new galaxies, illuminating some of the universe's greatest secrets. Around 300,000 previously unknown galaxies were mapped using a powerful telescope.

"That's a new window on the universe" Astronomer Cyril Mug told AFP. "When we saw the first pictures of how we were., What's that?! Look It has nothing at all like what we're used to seeing"

The study looked at more than 200 astronomers from 18 countries come together to find the previously unreached light sources believed to be distant galaxies.

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The data collected in the map equates to 10 million DVDs, and it only makes up two percent of the sky.

the team found a low frequency array (LOFAR) telescope in the Netherlands to 'jets' the old radiation generated when galaxies merge. These rays can span millions of light years across. The telescope is so strong, it can detect light sources that optical instruments can not see.

"With radio observations, we can capture radiation from the tenuous medium that exists between galaxies" astronomer Amanda Wilber said. "LOFAR allows us to capture many more of these sources and understand what they are the driving force."

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The team said they create high-resolution images all of that northern sky, which reveal as many as 15 million undetected radio sources.

"The oldest objects in the universe are about 11 to 12 billion light years old," said cup. "So we will see much more of these objects."

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