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DC Universe Streaming Service reveals new details about Titans and more

DC Comics' upcoming direct-to-consumer streaming service is on its way, fans who just can not get enough of the superheroes and villains of the world have to supply a lot of DC-TV, comics and movies DC -World. The service has been in progress for some time, and we've known a lot about some of the original series being shown, but some important information was missing. We have just learned when DC Universe starts! Now, DC has revealed a lot of exciting details about what's coming, and we've picked some of the most exciting ones. Let's start with some brand-new images of Titans :


. The Titan, who has received the most attention so far, was none other than Dick Grayson, aka the first Robin. Dick is the guy who could drop the big F-bomb in the first Titans trailer, and we already know he's going to be the leader of the new group. This new image gives a reasonably bright-enlightened look that shows how he'll look in action, and the bad guys on the ground behind him obviously did not do well against him in action.


Not a lot about Starfire had been released before this image came to the Web, and the trailer showed more of Robin and Raven than any of the other Titans. The Titans Starfire will be significantly different from her comic counterpart, but the incredible hair and strength will at least look very similar. Raise your hand if you're more excited about Starfire now!


Well, raise your hand when you're totally scared of this picture of Raven! Her eyes and setting in a dilapidated room full of crucifixes add an eerie plane. Somehow, the fact that the young girl is clutching a doll makes the whole tableau all the more disturbing.

Beast Boy

The Version of Beast Boy Titans looks more or less as if he could limit it From the pages of comic books! Obviously, this statue does not reveal how he will look in action and use his powers. Nonetheless, there are definitely reasons to be optimistic about what he will bring to the team, and we can bet they'll need all the unique skills they can get. It's not that they're likely to call Batman very often for his connections!

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