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De Blasio shrugs his shoulders as they brutally make fun of his presidential candidacy

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, shrugged on Tuesday after being beaten by late-night hosts since starting his candidacy for the 2020 race.

Last week, the comedians had some fun at de Blasio's expense. Stephen Colbert, presenter of the "Late Show," described the New York Democrat as "Frankenstein's monster lawyer" and said he "pushed himself into the clown car," causing much of his audience to groan.

"You hear the crowd in your hometown" Colbert laughed with the New York crowd. "The CBS star mocked de Blasio's announcement video, in which he said that" the good thing about New Yorkers is that they always look the same whether they really are mad at you or they like you.

"Mr. Mayor, I have bad news," responded Colbert, "They all look alike because they are all really mad at you."

Colbert tore the mayor of New York because he was in one Recently, in New Hampshire poll conducted a percentage of "zero" home specified. "

The presenter of the" Tonight Show, "Jimmy Fallon, who also records his show in New York, participated in the mockery.

"After 1

2 years, this was the last episode of The Big Bang Theory," Fallon began. "Do not worry, it was also the beginning of a brand new comedy, Bill De Blasio's Presidential Campaign." 19659003] Fallon showed his audience the cover of the New York Post and showed people who allegedly laugh about the Blasio presidential offer: "These are all people who work on his campaign."


During a CNN interview on Tuesday morning, de Blasio was shown excerpts from Colbert and Fallon with CNN host Alisyn Camerota, pointing out that comics are "devastating and particularly brutal" towards his candidacy compared to other 2020 Dems.

"That's what they do for a living, it's normal," de Blasio said.

"You did not think the reaction to something was a little bit worse off your announcement? "Camerota asked.

"I think that's something I and my candidature should understand: mayor of America's largest and hardest city. I have been for six years. For me it's like a walk in the park, "de Blasio told Camerota. I did not even notice it, because I deal with really difficult topics every day … Late night comics do not bother me. "[19659015]
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