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Deal: Anchor Fog Mars Lite Portable Cinema for $ 279 – just today

Only today has Amazon won the Anker-Nebula Mars Lite Portable Cinema award. This only costs $ 279, which is down from the original price of $ 429. That's a really good price for the Nebula Mars Lite, which has not dropped since Anker announced it.

The Nebula Mars Lite is a smaller and lighter version of its Nebula Mars Projector. This allows you to take it wherever you want since it has a battery built in, but as you might expect, it will not take too long. About four hours with a single charge. But it will work well for a camping trip or fun at someone else's home. This projector can take pictures up to 150 inches at about 720p. Of course, that's not great, but on a projector you will not really notice the difference between 720p and 1080p, which could be unfortunate, but that's the way it works. There are two 10W speakers here on the Nebula Mars Lite that will deliver great sound with this portable cinema, which is nice. And these are 360-degree speakers, so wherever you sit in relation to the projector, you can hear the sound pretty well. This is a great projector that you can pick up and you will not want to miss this deal.

This item is also eligible for free shipping from Amazon Prime. Which includes free two-day shipping and pretty cheap shipping (usually $ 3.99) the next day if you need it extra fast. If you are not an Amazon Prime member yet, you can sign up for a Free Trial from Amazon Prime. You get 30 days free (if you're a student, you get 6 months), and then it's $ 119 / year (or $ 59 / year for students). However, Prime members get much more than just free shipping, so see for yourself.

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