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Deer Fire: Several tanks are burning again

Crews respond to the Intercontinental Terminals Company, a warehouse in Deer Park, Texas, after two tanks were set on fire, said the Harris County Emergency Management Joint Information Center.

Emergency workers are trying to figure out which tanks are on fire, an ITC representative said.

"We coordinate with federal, state and local authorities to resolve the issue as quickly as possible," the company said in a statement statement.

  Emergency workers hurried on Friday to clear the latest flames.

The US Coast Guard has closed part of the Houston Ship Channel near the facility ITC officials said the breach had been violated.

Deer Park has not received an on-site placement order at the moment, Harris County administrators reported for emergency management.

The fire had been extinguished on Wednesday after burning for several days. It started on a Sunday afternoon in a single tank and quickly spread to a second tank.

Seven tanks burned on Tuesday. The tanks contained chemicals used to make gasoline, including xylene, naphtha and pyrolysis gasoline known as pygas.

No serious injuries were reported. The cause of the flame is being investigated.

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