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Defense Dept. begins scouting sites for new border wall

Yuma, Arizona, and the New Mexico part of the El Paso sector, which includes Texas, looking at sites, the official said. 19659002] Each assessment should take about seven days. Formal engineering surveys are expected to follow in late April.

Actual construction could begin by late May, depending on whether or not the Department of Homeland Security issues environmental waivers , which is sometimes done to expedite construction. The new construction will be funded by the $ 1 billion recently transferred by the Pentagon.

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The move comes shortly after the Pentagon notified Congress has authorized the transfer of $ 1
billion. 57 miles of fencing along the southwest border, in addition to improving roads and other measures in the region.

The Army Corps of Engineers is allowed to begin construction and construction for the Monday night project. Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan sent to Kirstjen Nielsen Secretary of Homeland Security.

The administration has previously $ 1.5 billion at some point in the future.

In February, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency. As part of his announcement, he directed the use of counterdrug monies to partially fund new wall construction. Under the declaration, other funds can also be dedicated to building the wall and related infrastructure, including military construction funds.

As the number of migrants crossing the border increases, Trump this week has renewed his attacks against congressional Democrats.

"We have a National Emergency at our Southern Border." The Dems: Refuge to help with the immigration laws in the world, refuses to help with illegal immigration & drugs! " T rump tweeted Thursday.

Trump's national emergency declaration sparked a lawsuit and pushback from Democrats and Republicans. On Monday, Senate Democrats fencing, saying in a letter to Shanahan, that they have "got a lot of trouble" military. "

Customs and Border Protection has been published in its entirety.

According to CBP, the financial year 2017 funds to construct" approximately 38 of 40 miles of wall in place of outdated designs in San Diego and El Centro, California, Santa Teresa, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas. "

A CBP official said "this barrier replaced dilapidated infrastructure" helped to stop cars, but people can easily step over it.

CBP has been started on the San Diego Secondary Replacement, the first project funded in FY 2018, which is expected to start April in Hidalgo County of the Rio Grande Valley Sector. "

The spending bill passed in February included $ 1,375 billion for approximately 55 miles of Rio Grande Valley sector.

CORRECTION: This story has been updated to reflect the location of personnel on the border.

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