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Delta Passenger crashed drink car, threw coffee before attacking Air Marshal, police say

A woman on a Delta Air Lines flight was arrested on Thursday after plunging a beverage cart and throwing coffee at passengers while running down the aisle before assaulting an air marshal

Sarah Maria Beach , 45, was on a flight from London to Salt Lake City, Utah when she allegedly went on a rampage that eventually handcuffed her for the rest of the trip, FOX13 Salt Lake City reported. She poured coffee on the passengers, knocked over a beverage cart, and "repeatedly ran up and down the aisle," it said in the lawsuit.

Martin Nicholls, who was on the flight, told KSL that Beach "literally" sprinted the end of the plane.

"She literally sprinted the end down, and I mean, she's just a little woman, really," Nicholls recalled to the news channel. "Everyone gets very worried because I thought we were about 30 meters above the sea, what if she tried to open the door, she could not come to the back door, but then she ran again." [19659005] ALASKA AIRLINES TIGHTEN EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL POLICY

Nicholls said Beach, an American citizen living in London, threw a cup of coffee in the air and hit the cell that "went down the walls".

"It probably went over six or seven passengers, some, almost, to the other side of the plane," he said.

The flight attendants then asked the Federal Marshals on the flight to help with Beach. The unruly passenger was initially quiet with the air traffic controllers and escorted them to the bathroom three times.

"The third time she went to the bathroom, she jumped on the back of one of the Air Marshals and put her hands on his head, neck, and chin," the ad said.

A second Air Marshal removed Beach from his colleague's back and handcuffed her.

Beach was charged with misdemeanor and charged on Friday Review:

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