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Delta reduces seat tilt at A320

Delta changes an interesting change to the Airbus A320 fleet, which is good or bad depending on how it looks.

Delta reduces seat tilt on A320

As reported by Skift Delta will significantly reduce the seat tilt on 62 Airbus A320 aircraft, most of which typically perform short flights:

  • In business Delta will reduce the backrest from four inches to two inches.
  • In first class, Delta will be lowering its backrest from five inches to three and a half inches

From this weekend, the first plane with the reduced backrest will be flying, and the project should be completed within the next two months. Delta calls this a test, so there is a chance that it will be extended to other aircraft.

Delta's first A320 class

Why Delta reduces the seatback

Delta does not do this to add more seats for aircraft. In fact, their 157-seat A320s are already tight.

Delta is more likely to do so because she believes that this increases passenger comfort. Delta has long sought to earn a revenue reward for the business traveler's airline, and the airline has invested in high-speed Wi-Fi and personal televisions at every seat in much of their fleet.

The problem is that you have one An economical product with 30-inch tilt angle. It's really difficult to even open a laptop when the person in front of you is reclining. Delta believes that passengers will have a better experience by reducing the potential for bias.

As Deltas Director of Product and Customer Experience on Board Describes:

"This is not a step to put seats in the cabin or find a way to reduce the tilt of the seats. It's about ensuring an optimal experience.

My Attitude to the Seat

Reclining seat is a controversial subject, and many people disagree as to whether reclining is a right or a privilege a right (which is why control is exercised at your seat However, you should still be polite, that is, you should sit back slowly and ideally even turn around and have eye contact with the person behind you.

Bottom Line

Personally, I settle for daytime domestic flights at all So I'm in favor of this change, my priority is to keep my laptop always open, and even in the first class of Delta, it can be difficult to do so when the person in front of you is completely reclined.

So I think that this is changing at Deltas side also realize that others value much more than I. I would not do that change for sure appreciate from a red eye level.

What do you think of Delta's decision to reduce seat tilt in some aircraft – are you for or against it?

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