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Delta urges workers to pay for video games, not union fees

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Alex Johnson

affirmed on Thursday that there is a widely criticized poster pointing out that non-union employees are buying video games instead of spending their money on union fees.

The poster tweeted on Thursday by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) is part of Delta's "Don" "Do not do it, do not sign" campaign to save thousands of flight attendants and ramp and cargo To convince agents not to sign a card that allows them to vote for the IAM.

Pilots are the only major classification of Delta employees who do so unionized.

A spokeswoman for Delta confirmed that the poster ̵

1; which contains a generic representation of a video game controller – suggests to employees that "they use their money instead of paying the union" – is real. According to Delta, "the direct relationship we have with our employees" should be maintained, and the employees of Delta said it had "the best total compensation in the industry, including the world's most lucrative profit sharing program" (19659006) Union said in a statement on Thursday that Delta had "resorted to defamatory lies and misrepresentations about the IAM."

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