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DeMar DeRozan receives two ovations, but in turn falls back to Toronto

TORONTO – DeMar DeRozan had agreed 24 hours earlier in a room full of reporters at the Four Seasons Hotel about the moment just to see him on Friday in a crowded Scotiabank arena, which awaited the former Toronto Raptor with what he expected Standing ovation welcomed.

Just as quickly, the fantasy turned into a harsh reality for DeRozan, committing the sales that the San Antonio Spurs had cost with 16.9 seconds before the end of the defeat to Toronto.

"It made it exciting, it was fun to go out there, play and compete," DeRozan said of his reception in his first match in Toronto since the team, Jakob Poeltl, and a protected Selection in the first round had played to San Antonio in July for Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green. "It was due to a few games, it's annoying that the critical game was turning the ball over, but I think it was mostly a bloody big game."

The dramatic end was made juicier Fact that DeRozan after a missed Serge Ibaka free throw recorded sales, with San Antonio 1

17-116 led and the best friend Kyle Lowry guarded him along with Leonard. Leonard pushed the ball loose as DeRozan tried to bring the ball forward and ran the other way to give the Raptors a 118-117 lead with 15.1 seconds.

"I knew they were trying to be aggressive and tried to play the ball, and then lazy," DeRozan said. I thought I was hit, but I should have known they would become aggressive I saw Kyle [Lowry] lurking In those moments you try to get aggressive. " , try to steal first, if not, you'll still be lazy. It's up to me to look ahead and read what to read.

DeRozan did not mind taking a potential chance to win the game shot down San Antonio on San Antonio's next trip down the yard.While Danny Green guarded, DeRozan ran to the rim and seemed to take a clear step forward Instead of taking the shot, DeRozan relegated to Davis Bertans, who failed an off-balance 14-foot feleaway shot 2.8 seconds back.

DeRozan finished the game 23 points and 8 assists in 34 minutes.

"We just pulled away," Leonard said. "Kyle told us we're going to win this game. We all thought it was us and you know tonight was a playoff game. We had to grind it to the end. "

Yet, DeRozan would experience the joy of not one but two standing ovations from a crowd of people treating the guard as if he had never left the city.

The first occurred During the team introduction, the public address spokesman introduced the starting grid of San Antonio and first called Rudy Gay, another former Raptor, before introducing DeRozan, and after the announcement of DeRozan's name, the crowd stood up and applauded which lasted more than 45 seconds, the standing ovation of the crowd drowned out the rest of the player launches.

"It was good for him. He deserves that and more, "Gay said." He has done a lot for this city, this organization, and I think he deserves every occasion he got. "

Then the arena instantly darkened while the Crowd still stood and DeRozan applauded as the officials call the team hype video .The crowd stopped when Toronto's hype video played on the scoreboard.

DeRozan received more love from the domestic crowd than he did San Antonio's first bucket of the night settling at 10:11 in the opening quarter after tearing a foul on Serge Ibaka that sent him to the free throw line, DeRozan transformed the 3-point game and the fans of Raptors cheered.

DeRozan's second standing ovation would end with 6: 52 min Staying in the opening quarter while the Spurs stood with a 12-10 gap when Toronto played in its tribute video honor. The video featured some key moments in DeRozan's career, including footage of the Guard with his daughters, moments in the NBA All-Star Games, several dodges, open times with best friend and former teammate Kyle Lowry, and highlights from the time in Toronto The final was the Eastern Conference 2016.

The arena burst out with applause throughout the video, and the spectators stood during the entire break, even after the video ended with a graphic showing his picture: "Thank You DeMar. " [19659002] "I think that was just the last piece of the shutter for me," DeRozan said. "I can come back here, see familiar faces and take that burden off my shoulders."

DeRozan returned to the court shortly after the end of the video to acknowledge the crowd and returned as a bench The fans stayed on their feet and cheered. DeRozan's second standing ovation lasted less than two minutes, and when the teams returned to the game to continue the game, the crowd was still on their feet.

"He was a complete class as he always does," Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said.

At the end of the second ovation, a "Deebo" song broke out and lasted a few seconds. DeRozan was not the only former bird of prey that was loved by fans in Toronto.

After remaining 10:06 in the second quarter, the Raptors played a tribute video for Poeltl. And while the audience's reaction to Poeltl was not quite as intense as that of DeRozan's, nearly half of the arena was in favor of the Ninth Raptors' Ninth Issue of 2016.

Ninth overall of the Raptors in the US Ranked in 2009, DeRozan spent his first nine seasons in Toronto and became a franchised all-time leader in points (13,296), field goals (4,716), free throws (3,539), played games (675) and victories. DeRozan also completed four trips to the NBA All-Star Game (2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018) as Raptor. He was also named the NBA's second NBA in 2017 and the third NBA in 2017. It was practically my entire career here, "DeRozan said." To come back and receive such a reception is definitely humiliating, more than pleasing, and I appreciate that. When I went down the ground [after the game] hit me more than anything else. "

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