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DeMarcus cousins ​​turned up the Lakers and triggered these 7 reactions

The Golden State Warriors rolled on to the LeBron without the James Los Angeles Lakers (115-101), but not until DeMarcu's cousins ​​rolled past Kyle Kuzma and ruined his entire night.

If you ask yourself, Boogie's Achilles is good, and we know that because he retired and threw the dunk of the year over Kuzma.

Please note:

The joke is right there … this dunk … Kuzma … has sent all the way to New Orleans.

However, this dunk has several layers. All reactions here are important, from cousins ​​to Kuzma to Andre Iguodala to Rajon Rondo. Let's take a look at the full video and review:

Cousins ​​ actually used Kuzma's face as an armrest.

This really happened. Boogie made a statement to a 23-year-old. He's back and he does not care who you are.

. 2 Kuzma literally landed outside the borders

(He started at the edge of the restricted area.)

3. Boogie stared at Kuzma HARD!

Kuzma could only watch the ref. "Help," he probably thought.

. 4 Iguodala had to postpone Boogie so that he would not get a technical foul

Cousins ​​loves himself technical fouls and prepared for a mockery. Iggy, however, pushed him away.

Do you know why?

. 5 Rondo called for Boogie to get a technique

Well, look what we have here. Rondo is the police! Boogie was called for tech, but the Lakers missed the free throw.

. 6 The face of Steph Curry sums it all up

All the gossip tried to spoil the beauty of this dink, but it could not. Boogie was hellishly disrespectful, sending Kuzma to his own grave, and the referees allowed it.

. 7 Cousins ​​posted a picture of him staring at Kuzma on Twitter

This was his last act and it was vicious. Welcome back, boogie.

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