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Demaryius Thomas calls Patriots stint a "waste of time" – ProFootballTalk

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The Patriots realized with Demaryius Thomas when they cut him in August that the plan was to bring him back. And they did just that.

But the veteran receiver said he was surprised when they traded him in the jets eight days later, when they realized that the league's most businesslike team was making him another business.

"It was certainly an insult," said Thomas Manish Mehta in the New York Daily News (19459008). "After cutting myself, I could have just come here (to the jets) and could not stay there and sign again. When they signed me again, I thought I was good. Two weeks later I was gone. So it's like, "Why did I waste my time?" Because at the end of the day, it was a waste of time for me.

The short answer was: The patriots thought they were acting. when they got their hands on Antonio Brown. Of course, that did not work and Thomas now seems happy with the jets. He said he had enjoyed his time with the Patriots this off-season, recovering from last year's torn Achilles.

"I always knew that I could still play. , , and it would have worked because I still learned her insult. Josh McDaniels drew me [in Denver]. So I felt cool. But even in conversations with him and some other people, it was as follows: "You'll be fine." Two weeks later, AB will be shortened. , , and then they kicked me out [to the curb] and sent me out as if I were just a beginner. Although he was not mad at the way the deal came about, Thomas said it was "disrespectful" to trade him so soon after his re-signing.

"Coach [Belichick] came up to me and said, 'Uh, we have too many people. We can not get the ball around enough and will trade you for the jets, "Thomas said." And that was … there's no reason to scream, they won championships without me, I was just trying to get one Being part of something that would be good if I was there … you do a damn good job. "

Thomas has settled in with another well-known former coach in Adam Gases and learned that in New England special player is something special.

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