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Demi Burnett reveals why she’s not going to meet Slater Davis again

Bachelor in paradise Star Demi Burnett closes the chapter on her ex-boyfriend Slater Davis. The couple got together in early February 2020 and the relationship went on pretty quickly. Then, four months later, the couple separated. Now the exes seem to see themselves as friends, which could potentially offer a chance for reconciliation. But Burnett recently announced that she is highly unlikely to be with Davis again soon.

Bachelor in Paradise star Demi Burnett and Slater Davis start their relationship in February 2020

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6;The Bachelor’

When Burnett and Davis got together, the Bachelor Nation alum was very open to their relationship. At the end of February, the reality star said that during an interview with Entertainment Tonight she was “never happier” than with her musician friend.

“I’m so happy, I’m obsessed with him. He’s the best ever, ”said Burnett at the time. “I feel like a weird little juice. But he’s the most incredible person I’ve ever met. I can’t get enough of him. “

Later, in early March, Burnett and Davis began quarantining together under the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Burnett also told The bachelor Nick Viall, the star of season 21, hoped that Davis would be “the one”.

Demi Burnett and Slater Davis split up in June 2020

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Despite their strong start, Burnett and Davis split in June.

“I broke up with my boyfriend recently,” Burnett said on June 24 Big Demi Energy Podcast. “I love him, I’m crazy about him. It is wonderful and it was just very difficult. “

Still, Burnett and Davis are still friends.

“We have probably laughed more in the past few weeks than in the past few months,” said Burnett during the episode of her July 1 podcast. “It’s not pressure – friends hang out and get along. It definitely took me to a better place. I am very happy with where we are. “

Demi Burnett shares why she is unlikely to reunite with Slater Davis

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On July 31, Burnett hopped on an Instagram Live with Bachelor Nation’s spoiler guru, Reality Steve. Then after the two had discussed the youngest Bachelorette Rumors of Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams, Burnett, deepened in their relationship with Davis.

“We definitely fought more,” said Burnett of the Davis quarantine meeting. “If you spend so much time with someone, it can get a little too intense … I felt like I was immature, he was probably immature too. It was just too much time together without really knowing each other. “

She continued, “We just thought it was like, ‘Oh, we’re soul mates. You are the one I like you so much that I immediately fell in love with you. ‘Instead of being like a healthy pace, it was more like let’s just go into it. “

Demi Burnett of 'Bachelor in Paradise', season 6, attends PUBG Mobile's # FIGHT4THEAMAZON event on December 9, 2019 at Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.
Demi Burnett from ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 6 | Rodin Eckenroth / Getty Images

Meanwhile, Burnett announced that she was the one who broke up with Davis. Shortly thereafter, however, she tried to get back with her ex.

“I ended it with him,” said Burnett. “And then, a week later, I said, ‘Do you want to get back together? ‘And he said, “No.” I am crazy but not bad. But it’s hard when you’re so emotionally attached to someone. “

Still, it seems that things between Burnett and Davis are really over now. When Reality asked Steve if she would consider getting back together, Burnett admitted that they were “better off than lovers”.

“Of course I miss part of him. I miss this partner and I miss being with someone every night, ”said Burnett. “But I have to work on myself and he has to work on him … There are just so many, so many things happening. There are so many things we did to each other that I don’t know if we can ever really come back to it. “

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