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Demi Lovato's drug overdose was severe

The drug overdose of singer-songwriter Demi Lovato was "severe" and she could have died.

TMZ reported that the emergency call did not come a minute early because Lovato was in distress.

"She could have died," TMZ quoted a source as "first-hand knowledge."

She was unconscious when she was discovered around 11:30 am on July 24 and the emergency call was abandoned.

Lovato received Narcan, an emergency treatment for drug overdoses in her home, to counteract the effects of opioids.

Lovato and those who were in the house refused to name the drug or drugs that caused an overdose.

The person in Lovato's house asked the dispatcher if emergency vehicles could come without sirens. However, the dispatcher informed the caller that the sirens would stay on.

Lovato stays in the hospital.

The people around her want her to go to a rehabilitation center when she is released, but ultimately, the decision is hers.



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