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Demi Lovatos Hospitalization: A timeline of her recent struggles

Demi Lovato is a fighter.

The pop star's hospital stay on Tuesday is the last setback in her ongoing substance abuse struggle that has spanned most of the last decade.

After six proud years of sobriety, the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer unveils earlier this year that she has fallen off the car and complains about her drug relapse and sobriety battle in an emotional new single, "Sober," released in June was, sincerely voiced

It seemed as if the singer had managed to reach again a place of peace. The world was shocked on Tuesday when she was hospitalized because sources that said ET were an overdose of drugs. Now, ET goes back to see what has led to her medical emergency and her personal struggles in recent months.

March 1
4 – Six Years Sober

The 25-year-old singer joined Twitter to commemorate a major milestone in her ongoing sobriety and shared with her fans that she was "just officially 6 years sober "was. [19659002] "So grateful for another year of joy, health and happiness, it's possible," wrote Lovato, finishing her tweet with a prayer hand-emoji.

The post came just a week after she showed up in an interview with Billboard about her experiences as a celebrity of her sobriety presented some real challenges – especially her time at the Met Gala 2016.

"I had a terrible experience," recalls Lovato. "This one celebrity was a complete guy and it was lousy to be around .It was very cliquey .I remember that I felt so uncomfortable that I wanted to drink."

To resist the temptation, Lovato left the event and went straight to a 10p. Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. She recalled, "I changed my clothes, but I still had my diamonds – millions of dollars of diamonds in an AA session … and I talked more about the homeless in this gathering who were struggling with the same battles as the people at the Met Gala. "

2. April – May 24 – Lovato's Fallback

While news of the singer's relapse did not materialize until the release of "Sober," a source ET in June said that it would be somewhere between the North American leg of their Tell Me You Love Me World tour which took place on April 2 in Newark, New Jersey, and the European Stage, which began on May 24 in Belfast, Ireland.

"Demi has fallen behind and started drinking alcohol again," an additional source told ET.

April 10 – South America Production Data

Lovato announced that due to "unforeseen production problems" she had to cancel all three stops on the planned South American leg of her World Tour. "

" I am utterly heartbroken that today I have to make this announcement … due to production issues we need to move the South America #tellmeyoulovemetour dates, "she tweeted." Ecuador, Costa Rica and Panama I'm devastated, we had to remove those shows. "

" Really hate that we have to do that and we tried our best, but there were some unforeseen production issues. If you are unable to complete the new data, we will give you a full refund, "she continued in another post." I'm sorry. I promise it will be worth the wait and I hope to see you. I love you so much! "

The scheduled shows have not yet been officially postponed Production problems did not get closer

May 2 and 3 – Fractured Foot and Feuding Friends

During her tour break, the singer reveals that she had injured herself on vacation. Lovato went to Instagram and told the fans, "Guess who broke their foot when he walked down the stairs in Bali."

The injury followed a series of vague tweets in which she said, "True colors are shown in chaos," and that she is "grateful for those closest to me who have never left my side and love me for what I am. "

Fans on Twitter speculating about the feud could have partnered with one of Lovato's old friends who had allegedly come to Facebook to join the singer for it criticize that she did not come for her birthday.

While not addressing her boyfriend by name, Lovato later tweeted, "Do me a favor, stop living in my life, and stop trying to get attention by publicly shadowing me and knowing the reaction you have from my fans. "

June 1 – Personal Growth

An optimistic-sounding Lovato accepted Twitter, where she said she felt as though be it "in the last two months more grown than me for years."

"I feel like a new woman and I am so thankful for my life today," she wrote.

June 3 – Cryptic Questions and Answers

The singer told her fans to ask her questions while she was bored, and while many of the exchanges were just funny and quirky, a true look became apparent in the singer's personal life.

When asked about the "biggest lesson" this year, "the singer replied," you can not always trust people you once thought saved you. "

Although she has not stated of To whom she felt betrayed, Lovato published another cryptic tweet, a month later, on July 5, where she wrote, "Good luck on your blog." This remark led many of her hard-core fans to believe that she was shadowing Mike Bayer – A life coach of the CAST Centers, who starred with Lovato in an emotional interview with Dr. Phil earlier this year and also went on tour with the pop star [196592002] Bayer, who sobered Lovato after rehabilitation in 2011, has a video on Instagram, which in the opinion of many fans was specifically designed for Lovato, criticized celebrities who call themselves "artists" to "have an excuse" late or dishonest or rude or unreasonable. "After the two Posts were handled by both Lovato and Bayer on Twitter.

June 10th and 11th – Other Suspended Shows

Only 45 minutes before Lovato entered the stage at the O2 Arena in London, England, the singer wrote a lengthy statement to Twitter in which she stated that she had to postpone the show "due to very, very sick and with swollen vocal cords."

The vocalist added, "If I go on tonight and violate my vocal cords, I might have to cancel the rest of my tour, I'm so sorry to disappoint one of my fans … It breaks my heart, you

The following day, the singer tweeted that she was "gutted", to postpone another show because of her illness, this time at the Birmingham Arena.

"I never had to miss shows because of my vocal cords or because I'm sick in my life," she tweeted. "That really sucks .. I have not left my hotel room in 2 days, sick, bored and starving."

June 21 – Getting Right With "Sober"

The singer released The Powerful Single, in which she expressed herself very openly about her recent relapse and dismay.
Lovato unveiled the new song via Instagram, with a video saying "My truth … #sover out now."

"Call me when it's over because I'm dying inside," she sings. "Wake me when the shocks are gone and the cold sweats disappear, Call me when it's over and my self has reappeared."

"Mom, I'm so sorry I'm not sober anymore," she continues in the chorus. "And daddy, please forgive me for the drinks that were spilled on the floor, for those who never left me, we've gone this way before, I'm so sorry, I'm not sober anymore."

[19659006] June 24 – Crying in Concert

The troubled singer had to struggle in tears to play "Sober" at a concert in Portugal. Lovato posted a video on Instagram of the performance at Rock in Rio Lisboa, a music festival in Lisbon where she took to the stage in front of thousands to sing the intimate, vulnerable melody and audibly broke her voice as she began to cry while singing To drop fans.

July 22 – "Sobriety" at the State Fair

Two days before her hospital stay, Lovato joined longtime friend Iggy Azalea for a performance at the California Mid-Century Fair in 2018 Paso Robles, California, where she seemed to be in high spirits.

An eyewitness who attended Lovato's show, ET told the singer "was in high spirits" and "was her normal enthusiastic demi-self". But the eyewitness said that at one during the concert, just before the last verse of "Sober" was sung, Lovato said, "F ** k, I forgot the words and went backstage."

"It was an emotional song, it almost seemed to be in tears," the eyewitness said, "I think it was because it was a new song and it was emotional, so she forgot the words Fan made them look more human, we all make mistakes. "

The eyewitness added that Lovato" did not seem to be influenced "during the concert.

July 24 – Hospitalization

Sources told ET that Lovato was transported to A Hospital in Los Angeles, where she is being treated for a drug overdose

TMZ that the singer was given Narcan – an emergency treatment for overdose of opioid narcotics.

A representative for Lovato published a statement about ET hours after the news broke from her hospitalization, confirming that the singer was aware and responsive.

"Demi is awake and with her family wanting to express thanks to everyone for the love, prayers and support," her rep told ET in a statement hours after her hospital admission: "Some of the reported information is incorrect and she Respectfully ask for privacy rather than speculation, as her health and recovery is the most important thing right now. "

In the wake of her hospitalization, Fox announced that she was to release an episode of Beat Shazam starring Lovato as a guest star, which was due to air on the same day. In addition, her upcoming tour stop in Atlantic City, New Jersey, was canceled.

To learn more about Lovatos hospital stay and health, watch the video.

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