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Democrats investigating whistleblowers claim Pompeo's safety has taken Chinese food and his dog

Congressional investigators who requested that the committee not be called to conduct their investigation told CNN that over a period of months, a US State Department whistleblower raised several issues related to some questionable tasks by special agents for the Pompeo family.

In April, for example, an agent was asked to pick up Chinese food – without Pompeo in the car. The whistleblower said that this had caused the agents to complain that they now serve as "UberEats with Guns", which caused a stir within the department, according to several Democrat Democrat congressional aides who quoted the whistleblower.

On another occasion, the whistleblower informed the adjutant, a special diplomatic security agent was tasked with picking up the dog of the Pompeo family from a dog hairdresser.

CNN has seen a document stating that diplomatic security was requested by a person in Pompeo's office in January to pick up his adult son from Union Station in Washington and bring him home to the family.

Lon Fairchild, the special diplomatic security agent, did not dispute that the specific trips, such as the dog or takeaway, were made by agents, but said in a statement, "I was boss at no time during In my service, he or a member of his family invited me or a member of my team to act in a manner that is contrary to our professional protection obligation, the secretary 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. "

A former high-ranking A diplomatic security official told CNN that such duties would not be appropriate ̵

1; especially without the secretary himself in the car at that time – unless it was a particular threat found necessary for these trips. For example, former Secretary of State Warren Christopher hoped when he started his job that his agents would provide him with food, but had to be warned that this was not the case.

The US Department of State's Law Enforcement and Security Division, whose mission is to protect US diplomacy and diplomats worldwide and to ensure the integrity of US travel documents, is the diplomatic security service.

Protecting the security of the Foreign Minister is a major concern for the service, there are concerns that agents were asked to perform inappropriate tasks while assigned to Pompeo.

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In July 2018, agents were verbally told that they had their call sign – the "shocker" is – not via radio or public use. According to a consultant who cited the whistleblower, the reason was that "they knew it was not kosher."

CNN has read an e-mail within the State Department confirming that she has been assigned an agent callsign. Deputy Secretary of Diplomatic Security, Michael Evanoff, was inducted into the correspondence. The subject line says "Schocker-Detail".

The former high-ranking diplomatic security officer, who asked to be unidentified, said that such a full-time detail would be unusual for a spouse and would only be awarded if a formal process had been carried out and evaluated, the need for such security. They said the risk assessment was being carried out by Diplomatic Security's Protective Intelligence and Investigations section of the Office for Threat and Intelligence. The former official told CNN that this protocol has existed within diplomatic security for decades. And that in the long term of this person at Diplomatic Security no spouse was ever given a security detail for more than a short, specific period of time.

A congressional assistant told CNN that under the current administration, "We are very concerned about how things are going in the context of diplomatic security, there is a lack of transparency."

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A US State Department spokesman insisted that the threat analysis for Susan Pompeo was conducted by the Department of Protective Intelligence and However, CNN did not say when this happened.

Diplomatic Security stated that the threat justified the provision of such protection to Ms. Pompeo, and began providing it from July 28, 2018. "

In a statement, Deputy Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security, Michael Evanoff: "The diplomatic security service has been protecting the foreign minister's spouse since the 1970s, as the security threat dictates. We are a federal law enforcement agency and this is an integral part of our core security challenges against secretary Pompeo and his family are unfortunately very real. The diplomatic security service is proud to protect the Pompeo family from those who would do harm to the Secretary of State and the United States.

Concerns Concerning the Use of Government Resources by Trump Administrators

These questions about Pompeo are the latest ethical allegations regarding Trump's cabinet secretaries and their use of government resources.

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The adjutants said another whistleblower had registered, the seventh Executive Director of the State Department had worked on the floor where the Undersecretary and Senior Advisers are located – and told them that the staff there had been instructed not to write any information about Susan Pompeo in official e-mails so they would not be kept in the required records.

The role played by Susan Pompeo in the State Department, and when the secretary travels, is another area of ​​concern to congressional assistants, diplomatic security officials, and several sources in the State Department and the CIA that Pompeo had previously directed.

Several sources reported CNN when Susan Pompeo accompanied the secretary on certain trips. Not only did she have a special agent to take care of her, but she also had a member of the Foreign Office.

They said that before a recent trip to Kansas, where she accompanied her husband, she had occasional meetings on travel logistics in the State Department raising eyebrows, including high-ranking state officials.

One person She is familiar with the situation which she calls "the worst kept secret in the state" and CNN rants outrageously during the shutdown when people were actually called into the embassy while they were on vacation. Only one more thing that killed the morale in the department. "

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