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Democrats launch plans for the 2020 campaign

NEW YORK (AP) – Democrats make a quick push.

The first major announcements of the presidential campaign could take place before the end of the year. The Democratic National Committee plans to announce a debate with 15 to 20 candidates. The first major debate could take place in May, three months before the main debate of the 2016 cycle.

And it has long been claimed that the hopes of the White House are already running out.

Whether it is the President 2020 or not the season is here For some potential competitors, there is an increasing sense of urgency to be in the first wave of declared candidates, which is likely to be a large, cumbersome field. And for the party as a whole, there is a desire to continue with the expected evil fight ̵

1; and to be ready in time for the future candidate to stand up strongly against President Donald Trump.

"It starts now, but there will be many ups and downs," said Democratic Advisor Jesse Ferguson, who had previously worked for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. "Anyone who believes that the early leader is also in the distance, has not seen how these campaigns develop."

This week has provided a preview of the upcoming drama. Former Vice President Joe Biden said he was "the country's most educated person to be president". Billionaires Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer held activists in key states and at least two interested parties – the former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and the fireman attorney Michael Avenatti. publicly retired from the 2020 competition.

For those who prepare for candidacy, the activity increases. While she has not yet made a final decision, Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren is preparing for an early start – possibly by the end of the year, but more likely in January. New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand are also at the start.

Helpers to the Democrats directed their plans to the condition of anonymity because they were not released for publication internal discussions.

Another well-funded set, including Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke, Bloomberg and Steyer, believe that they can afford to wait a bit longer to get their intentions given their fundraising -Can announce. [19659002] Others may soon have to form Presidential investigatory committees to access the millions of dollars anchored in their Senate campaign accounts to pay for travel, advice and opinion polls related to a possible White House bid. This is especially true of Warren, Gillibrand, O'Rourke, Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley and Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown.

O & Rourke, who has broken fundraising records this year in his failed US Senate Senate motion, is discussing a potential run for 2020 with his family, according to people who know his thinking directly. The only downside to running is, in his view, another longer break from his wife and three children.

O & Rourke will declare his intentions only on January 3, when the term of office of his house ends on January 3 on the condition of anonymity, because no campaign was started.

His camp says he is assured that many potential employees and donors would wait for his decision before deciding on another candidate because he believed he had actually frozen the field. [19659002] O & Rourke has submitted numerous phone calls from supporters, donors and strategists who have called him to work, including Former Barack Obama alumni. Many have suggested a key question for his decision for 2020: is he upset by the possible other candidates? At the moment, O'Rourke does not seem to be enthusiastic enough that someone else does not want to walk as he is familiar with his thinking.

O'Rourke has been invited to visit Iowa and New Hampshire in recent weeks. He did not accept such an invitation, but she did not refuse it.

Hickenlooper is not expected to make a formal decision before his term as governor ends on January 8. But he's already started to put his team together and his operation hired a pollster and a national fundraiser.

Sanders' senior helpers, who challenged Clinton in 2016, are laying the groundwork for a larger campaign organization, according to chief consultant Jeff Weaver.

Sanders Wife Jane O & Meara Sanders told The Associated Press that the grueling pace of a presidential contest would not be a deterrent to a second run. She also emphasized the philosophy of Sanders not to attack other Democrats.

"We have never been negative to an opponent," she said in an interview last weekend. "And that will be the case this time."

Biden, who was less active in the run-up to preparation than other 2020 prospects, is expected to appear on the weekend at Sanders' home camp in Burlington, Vermont, as part of a nationwide book tour. Weaver said there were no plans for Sanders and Biden.

Obama is in regular contact with Biden and underlines the close relationship they have built in the White House.

But there are few Democratic competitors on Biden's 2020 plans. Future challengers noted that he was down in the only two presidential campaigns he did on his own. He generally fights for money.

Booker, who says he'll make a final decision on the holiday, was among the most aggressive outlook

In addition to the aggressive recruitment of activists and potential employees, the New Jersey Democrat will be making a series of appearances this weekend in New Hampshire where traditionally the country's first presidential elections are held.

Other ambitious Democrats are actively discussing possible White House offers with their friends.

Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti have turned to senior political activists across the country for feedback. Former Cabinet member of the Obama administration, Julian Castro, has already announced that he is likely to run.

Governor of Montana, Steve Bullock, is considering a possible presidential bid. Some Democrats have tried to recruit him to the Senate for 2020, but his chief of staff Tom Lopach said, "Bullock is not interested in this campaign."

Among the Democrats, John Kerry is not excluded, former Secretary of State and Massachusetts senator, who lost the 2004 presidential race. Democrats who are close to Kerry say he has done little to start building a campaign infrastructure, but he is happy to keep his name in the discussion, especially when other senior statesman personalities – namely Biden – decide not to run. Emagazine.credit-suisse.com/app/art…2934 & lang = DE In this area, shape is taking shape. DNC Chairman Tom Perez is working to develop a fair process that does not see the final candidate facing internal criticism of favoritism such as the one Clinton met in 2016.

Counselor, led by Mary Beth Cahill, who chaired Kerry's presidential campaign, spent months in private talks with television stations, past presidential election campaign officials, and state party leaders as they drafted a plan for Perez.

Several stakeholders say the party wants this The earliest debates have generous qualification thresholds, so long-shot but legitimate candidates are not excluded. Later in the campaign, the thresholds – from polling and fundraising to a campaign campaign for a candidate in early primary states – could be much higher.


Barrow reported from Austin and Texas. Contributors to the report were Julie Pace and Elana Schor of Washington, Nicholas Riccardi of Denver and Thomas Beaumont of Des Moines, Iowa.

Published 6. December 2018

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