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Dems banging Nielsen about the border crisis

Democrats and immigration activists shoot back at the Secretary of Homeland Security. Kirstjen Nielsen Kirstjen Michele NielsenDemem's Hammer Nielsen on the crisis at the border The DHS boss sends a letter to Congress asking for "emergency relief" Increasing immigration The Hill's Morning Report – Presented by Pass USMCA Coalition ̵

1; Trump conquers second term on "promise held" MORE and blames them for the humanitarian crisis on the Southwest border as the government struggles to increase asylum seekers

Nielsen has a poor image of the Situation in which federal law enforcement agencies were forced to choose between the entry of entry ports and the care of asylum seekers crossing between these ports. And President Trump Donald John TrumpDems Hammer Nielsen on Border Crisis Ocasio-Cortez responds to "AOC Sucks" -Chant: Trump just wants another woman to be "insulted". Conservative outlet complains to Rally MORE increased its stakes on Friday and vowed to close the line if Mexico stopped migrants.

"The system is in free fall, and the DHS is doing its utmost to respond to a growing humanitarian catastrophe while securing our borders, but we have reached our maximum capacity and are now forced to turn away from other missions responding to the emergency, "Nielsen said in a statement on Friday. Nielsen asked for emergency aid for border security and certain powers to detain asylum-seeking family units for longer than previously allowed.

But the Democrats are pushing back, accusing Nielsen of misrepresenting the cause of the crisis and not understanding how it can be addressed.

"In her letter to the congress, the secretary continues to confuse the borderline situation and how we came to this point: President Trump's border security and immigration policies have failed, and the government deserves much blame for overcoming the difficult situation on the border has worsened, "said the deputy of the deputy of the Homeland Security of Parliament. Bennie Thompson Bennie Gordon Thompson's frontier crisis lawmakers push tech companies to join efforts to combat extremism on the Internet Hillicon Valley: Kushner Accuses WhatsApp of Personal Email for Official Work | White House rejects Trump-Putin's request for communication Facebook left "hundreds of millions" of passwords unsecured | Tech pressured to eradicate extremism MORE (D-Miss.) In a Friday statement.

Congression Hispanic Caucus (CHC) MP Rep. Joaquín Castro (D-Texas) piled on Nielsen's letter, saying the government acted maliciously when it came to immigration and asylum policies. "

" The policy of the Ministry of Homeland Security has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis on the border, and now Minister Nielsen has put forward a list of proposals that will continue to hurt asylum seekers and deepen the crisis, "added Castro in a statement

The Democrats said Trump's threat that the border would only make the situation worse.

"Mexico's threat of a complete closure of borders is only a passing decision reflecting the President's obsession with partisan talks and campaigning." MEP Vicente Gonzalez (D-Texas) said in a statement.

Neither party denies that there is a crisis in the midst of a large number of asylum seekers at the border, but there is much disagreement over how the situation at the Border has reached a turning point.

The government calls it as an immigration crisis, while Trump critics claim it was caused by mismanagement of resources at the border.

The Trump The government is writing the crisis on the brink of fears of family units outside border crossing ports, which peaked in February, and forced the Border Guard and Customs and Border Guards to divert resources for the care of migrant families.

Border Patrol arrested 36,174 people traveling as part of a family unit and 6,825 unaccompanied children (UACs). In the four months before, arrests at the border resulted in around 25,000 arrests of family members and 5,000 UAC per month.

However, the crisis seems limited for asylum-seeking families, as official figures show that illegal crossing attempts seem to be from single adults. After their regular seasonal patterns, the relatively low number of the last ten years has been preserved.

In February, the border patrol arrested 23,451 adults who were away from families, an increase in the colder months of December and January – 18,479 and 18,678 respectively – but similar to October and November, 22,918 and 21,431, respectively.

Immigrant rights activists and Democrats attribute the increase in family unity concerns to the Trump policy, most of which was introduced under Nielsen.

"Your clock and instead of saying I'll do that, I'll solve it now, crying," I need more resources, I need that, I need it. "And people say," No, No, we've just given you a few, do your job, "said Ur Jaddou, director of DHS Watch, a progressive immigration guard.

" In any other world, she would be fired, "she added.

Opponents say two DHS policies, known as "metering" and "migrant protection protocols" (MPPs), are particularly responsible for displacing migrants from legal ports of entry.

Under "Measurement" Potential Asylum Seekers There are twists to put forward their claim in the ports of entry, often forcing Central American families to wait weeks in northern Mexican cities.

And MPP, also known as "staying in Mexico," is a program that allows some asylum seekers to undergo their first pre-trial with the US authorities and then be returned to Mexico while their cases are examined by immigration tribunals – a process that can last for weeks, months or years.

"They introduced measuring instruments a long time ago, which makes the topic exponential, because … People spread between ports where there are no facilities, they rely on the border police to pick up people, they have none Vehicles, there is chaos, "said Jaddou, a former chief attorney of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

"They would have had to go through an interactive process instead … to discuss," how do we build facilities in ports of entry where they can be properly organized. "She added.

Both sides of the debate have very different views on how to address the root causes of the increase in emigration in Central America.

Nielsen traveled to Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, this week to sign a security pact to reduce migration through tougher law enforcement in the Northern Triangle – Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

One of the stated goals of the pact is to prevent the formation of caravans for migrants – a relatively new phenomenon. Proponents of migrants say the caravans provide security in numbers, but others call it an economic blessing for smugglers, who can charge up to $ 8,000 per person for travel.

The caravans, however, have made clear the problems with a border security force that was built for capture. Rogue border workers are more likely to deal with large groups of asylum seeking families.

"The system was created to catch people who dodge and single young men … Now it's an easier job because they come to you, you do not make it" It does not have this big, big border patrol be in the desert, now just place them in the ports of entry, "said Jaddou.

The left is increasingly frustrated as the government's focus is on enforcement – this is highlighted by a trump pushing for a border wall. [19659004] Frank Sharry, director of America's Voice, a liberal immigration group, called the focus on deterrence "stupid."

"It's a complicated issue that involves a complicated reaction and the simp-lame Trump people make it worse, "he said.

Immigration advocates like Sharry say shifting resources from border and law enforcement to dealing with asylum applications has become a regulated one Migration would lead. They say the promotion of economic development in Central America addresses the causes.

However, Trump blamed Mexico and Democrats on Friday, saying that they had passed "weak immigration laws" when he threatened to close the border.

A high-ranking Homeland Security official told reporters that the closures would come when officials at the ports of entry were assigned to look after asylum seekers in remote areas, not to punish Mexico.

Democrats say they intend "I think it is justified to say that Nielsen has declared an open season for immigrants," said MP Nanette Barragan (D-Calif.).

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