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Dems circle cars around the "squad" while Omar answers to send them back

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., Other Democrats and a number of commentators teamed up to condemn President Trump on Wednesday night after the crowd rang out at a rally in North Carolina at "Make America Great Again." "send back" "While the President criticized Omar and other members of the so-called progressive democratic" cadre.

The three-part song referred to Trump's tweet on Sunday, in which the president said unnamed "Democrat Congresswomen" should go back and change the "corrupt" and "crime-infested places" from which they came, and then "come back and show us how it's done. "

The President later almost confirmed that he was referring to both Omar and MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley ̵

1; all but Omar were born in the United States After a historic land struggle, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives formally condemned Trump's statements on Tuesday as "racist."

"Let them go … they always tell us how to do it, how to do it, how to do it you do that. You know what? If they do not love it, tell them to let it, "Trump said at the rally, doubling his previous comments.

" And obviously and importantly, Omar did a story of introducing malicious antisemitic screeds " Trump said, the singing started as he walked away from the podium.

Trump did not acknowledge the crowd's singing and continued his remarks.


In response, Omar quoted civil rights activist and poet Maya Angelou on Twitter as saying on Wednesday: "You can shoot me with your words. You can cut me with your eyes. You can kill me with your hatred. But still. How do I get up?

She also retweeted a post by Ted Lieu, a Democrat who proclaimed "racist singing" and called on people "to choose, donate and organize as never before" to save " The soul of our country. "

Omar has also retweeted the support message of Minnesota State Senator Matt Klein.

" Congressman Omar stays here, "Klein wrote." I welcome your opinion on their policies. But if you think you're more American than them, you do not know what America is, and you should go. "

2020 presidential candidates of the Democrats Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand quickly recaptured these feelings.

"It's mean. It is cowardly. It's xenophobic, "Harris wrote on Twitter." It's racist. It pollutes the office of president. And I will not share it here. It's time to dismiss Trump and reunite the country. "

Warren called Trump" desperate. "

Wrote to Gillibrand," Whether it's "sending her back" or "imprisoning," it must give some form of punishment "or" keep them at bay "- the straightforward form is contempt for women and anyone who threatens this The President's fragile ego. He should be scared. We are his worst nightmare. And we will defeat him.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro called the moment "mean," though he criticized Omar's own comments.

Omar was previously criticized by prominent members of both parties for being generally considered anti-Semitic.

In March This year, the democratically led House overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan ruling that indirectly condemned Omar's repeated "anti-Semitic" and "harmful" behavior "comments, including some in which she was buying and paying Jewish politicians in the United States.

Omar also described September 11 as a day when "some people did something", calling Trump and top republicans obviously insensitive. Trump mentioned these remarks again on Wednesday.

Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy added, "It should be self-evident that he & # 39; sent her back! & # 39; over a refugee fellow (no matter how strictly you disagree with her and how wrong she is in relation to it) is not justifiable, but I am looking forward to the sharp attempts to defend it. "


The publisher of the Town Hall, Guy Benson, Agree and wrote: "Send back" is a horrendous song Omar is a US citizen My less catchy vocals would be: Assassinate her bigotry, fight her radicalism and investigate her alleged fraud ! & # 39; "

Trump made a point-by-point, member-by-member rally on Wednesday's rally on Wednesday when he unloaded the squad. Trump struck Omar explicitly and said she had US soldiers in Black Hawk Down. smeared. She slandered the brave Americans who sought to preserve peace in Somalia "- a confrontation with their Somali-American heritage.

Trump also said that Omar blamed America for the economic crisis in Venezuela and refused Al Qaeda

Trump then went on to criticize Tlaib and said she had "used the F-word to describe the presidency and its president."


" That's not nice to me either, "said Trump," This is not someone who loves our country. "[19659003] The President then targeted Ocasio-Cortez, whom he ridiculed for their "three different names", and said that they mistakenly labeled the facilities for migrants at the southern border as concentration.

Trump said of Pressley Massachusetts congressmen "think people with the same skin color all have to think the same. She said, "We do not need brown faces that do not want to be brown voices, we do not need black faces that do not want to be a black voice," Pressley said at a conference last weekend. "Can you imagine when I say that?"

"We all know that [AOC] and this crowd are a bunch of communists, they hate Israel, they hate our own land, they call the guards along our border – The Border Guards – Concentration Camp Guards, "said Lindsey Graham, South Carolina's GOP Senator, earlier this week to Fox News.

On Wednesday evening, Trump celebrated Parliament's decision to stop the impeachment trial.

] "I just heard that the United States House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to kill the most ridiculous project I've ever worked on," Trump said, referring to one from Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, proposed impeachment resolution largely rejected by Speaker of the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., And other top democrats.

"The resolution – how stupid is it? – to impeach." Wednesday "totally wrong" and a "slaughter" and instead announced the strong economy and low unemployment under his administration.

"And they want to try to bring charges," he said. "It's a shame."

Vandana Rambaran of Fox New contributed to this report.

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