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Denmark builds a border wall to hold the boars

Denmark started building a 42-mile fence on Monday morning to keep wild boars away from neighboring Germany.

The government decided to build the barrier amid fears that African swine fever is spreading throughout Europe. An outbreak of the disease that is highly contagious is not curable and fatal to pigs. It was registered in the near of Belgium in the end of 2018.

With around 12 million pigs at a time, Denmark is dominated by two to one people. In the meantime, ASF could endanger the country's pork industry for $ 4.6 billion.

The fence will be one meter fifty big so bigger animals like deer can jump over it. The government says the project, which will be completed in the fall of 201

9 and is expected to cost $ 12 million, is "common sense."

Environmentalists claim, however, that the fence being electrified could endanger protected species, including the wild wolf.

And across the border, some have questioned the effectiveness of the fence to prevent the spread of the fence disease. "The virus spreads mainly through humans – through animal transport, hunting trips, infected food," said the Minister of Agriculture of the Schleswig-Holstein region. "We have significant doubts about the usefulness and necessity. [of the fence].

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