For years, Dennis Rodman was a friend of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who visited the retired nation several times.

The former NBA player went to Twitter on Friday to talk about another "friend" of him: President Trump. Rodman hopes that when they meet for a historic summit meeting next month, Kim will go on a "Make America Great Again" heart.

This could be translated as Rodman hopes that the meeting between Kim and Trump is going well. He used the hashtags # Peace #Love #NotWar #Diplomacy.

Trump announced earlier this month to hold talks with Kim over North Korea's nuclear arsenal. And the president is banking on peace.

"For years, and through many governments, everyone has said that peace and the demilitarization of the Korean peninsula is not even a small possibility," Trump tweeted. "Now there is a good change that Kim Jong Un will do what is right for his people and for humanity, look forward to our meeting!"

Rodman made his first trip to the north in February 2013 for one "Basketball Diplomacy Trip" as both Kim and Rodman have a deep love for the game.

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