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Deputy Steve King shares a memo about "another civil war" and does not know which side his state is on.

  Rep. Steve King gestures as he speaks before a committee hearing.

Rep. Steve King

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In another reminder that he was unable to repress offensive ideas and statements, Deputy Steve King of Iowa posted on Saturday a memo on an official Facebook account that embraced the idea of ​​people in more conservative states Those who killed these people seemed to appreciate in more liberal states in an armed conflict.

"People keep talking about another civil war," said the meme. "One side has about 8 trillion balls, while the other side does not know which bathroom to use."

King has taken the picture with a grinning emoji. "I wonder who would win …" he wrote.

As some noted on Social Media King did not seem to notice that the person designing the graphic colluded Iowa, the state of King, with the blue states and part of the losing side.

King, a notable racist member of Congress, has openly expressed his support for white supremacist ideas in the past. An incomplete list of things he has said and done includes calling the whites the "subgroup of people" who have contributed most to the world. "We can not restore our civilization with the babies of another " and blame the immigrants for ISIS and Ebola. Displaying the Confederate flag, although its state of Iowa was not part of the Confederation; Blame for abortion for killing "millions" of white babies; and complains that for every undocumented immigrant child "who is a Valedictorian, there are still 100 who weigh 130 pounds and get calf-sized calves as they pull 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert."

In January, King finally seemed to have crossed a line for his own party when expressing himself for white supremacy. "White nationalist, white suprematist, Western civilization – how did this language become offensive?" King told the New York Times. "Why did I sit in classes that taught me the merits of our history and our civilization?" Shortly after he made the statement, his party deprived him of all his committee duties.

After Saturday's article, King's Facebook page posted posts in which feminists were ridiculed for being "confused" and joked that Democrats literally never solved a problem. for some reason, the defense of racist YouTube star Pewdiepie along with Trump and Candace Owens, either criticized for Islamophobia or mentioned in the Manifesto of the New Zealand shooter; and the quarreling of prison shafts proves that gun control is pointless.

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