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Deputy Tulsi Gabbard, Hawaii Democrat, officially launches the presidential campaign

Hawaiian Democrat Tulsi Gabbard released a video on Thursday that officially started the launch of the White House 2020 run.

Gabbard, a Hawaii National Guard combat veteran who was elected to her position in 2012, shared the clip Twitter and a link to her website on the "Tulsi 2020" campaign.

"We have people in positions of power who do not think about the well-being of humans and our planet," she said in the video. "Where is the conversation about the needs of our people? Where is the conversation about peace? "

Gabbard, 37, appeared in their message also to touch the continuing political conflict in Venezuela.


The Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said he broke off relations with the US on Wednesday and gave 72 hours to American diplomats to leave the country, after the Trump government officially recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as US interim president

"Every time we launch these interventionist regime change wars, it's not just our veterans who pay the price," said Gabbard, "Each and every one of us pays the price, and spent trillions of taxpayer money on these wars and have taken away these dollars from our communities and our people who need them at home. "

Early On Thursday (1

9459009) she also tweeted about [Venezuela] He said that the US should "stay out of the country" and allow its citizens to "determine their future".

Gabbard then spoke in the video about how love can be a driver of change in society.


"We have the power to make changes. It takes every single hand, our heart and our voices, to be motivated by this love and by Aloha to overcome those forces and obstacles that seem too great to overcome, "she said. "There is no stronger power than love."

The clip's release came almost two weeks after Gabbard revealed in an interview that she had decided to run for president and that a formal announcement would take place.

It joins a growing field of Democrats seeking to nominate their party. US Housing Minister Julian Castro has recently announced a bid and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Sen. Kamala Harris of California say they are running.

Alex Pappas, Nicole Fox News Darrah and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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