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Despite controversy, NBA 2K19's microtransactions are incredibly popular

When released in September 2018, NBA 2K19 was announced by critics and fans alike as an excellent professional basketball sim with a microtransaction problem. Despite the controversy surrounding the game's micro-transactions, NBA 2K19 is the biggest hit in sports games in 2K history.

During today's earnings announcement, 2K owner Take-Two announced that NBA 2K19 has shipped 12 million units. This makes it the most successful sports game from 2K in the history of the company.

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Not only has the game delivered a record number of copies, but the NBA 2K19 microtransactions have also enjoyed incredible popularity. Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said NBA 2K19's revenue from "recurring consumer spending," including microtransactions, increased 140 percent in the quarter ended June 30.

Zelnick said that NBA 2K19 recorded an "exceptional growth in average games and daily activities" users. "

The NBA 2K19 microtransactions are performed in the form of Virtual Currency (VC), which sells 2K in different quotas and corresponding price points from $ 2 to $ 100. Players can spend the VC to get their custom character

GameSpot's review revealed that NBA 2K19 "is about microtransactions." Numerous other reviews from critics and fans expressed some dissatisfaction with the way NBA works In addition to the microtransactions, 2K19 NK 2K19 added seemingly unskippable advertising before the game in another move, which drove some fans over the table wrong way.

Despite all the controversy surrounding NBA 2K19, the franchise will be any Year for his impressive faithful representation of the NBA experience with superb control and presentation and many game modes praised.

In the win bid is Take-Two Boss Karl Slatoff said people enjoy the NBA 2K series because it's an "industry-leading" simulation game; Players also enjoy the "lifestyle" elements of creating a character and progress in career mode, he said.

Meanwhile, Zelnick talked about the evolution of how players connect with 2Ks and they experience NBA games over the years. People now spend more time playing NBA 2K games, which in turn creates an opportunity for 2K to encourage players to spend more time over time.

"I think six or seven years ago basketball was a three-month experience, and now it's a nine- or ten-month experience, and we believe it will be a full one-year experience," he said.

Slatoff added that the 2K League, an eSports organization dedicated to the NBA 2K series, has helped to promote the NBA 2K video games and attract new players. In addition, the mix of modes and features of the game has greatly helped to attract and retain players.

"If they get more involved with the game, they will eventually spend more," Slatoff said. "There's a lot of dry powder there, we're still in the early stages of learning how to do it the best way."

The NBA 2K19 recurring consumer spending growth rate of 140% is well above the overall growth of Take-Two Rate for recurring consumer spending. Total revenue from recurring consumer spending – consisting of virtual currencies, add-on content, and in-game purchases – increased 31% last quarter, accounting for 58% ($ 313.5 million) of Take-Two's total GAAP net revenue during the period ($ 540.5 million).

NBA 2K19 was the largest single contributor to Take-Two GAAP net sales for the quarter. According to the company, it did even better than GTA Online and Red Dead Online.

Take-Two also measures what it calls "net bookings," ie, the "net amount of digitally sold or physically sold products and services" during the period, including royalties, merchandise, in-game advertising, strategy manuals, and publisher incentives , "

Net recurring consumption recorded a 55% increase over the three-month period ended June 30, representing 67% ($ 282.9 million) of the total net bookings of Take-Two ($ 422.2 million) GTA Online NBA 2K19 was No. 1

Rob Jones, the producer of the NBA 2K19 series, told TrustedReviews that microtransactions was an "unfortunate reality of the quarter."

"Every game has a certain amount of timeliness and up-to-dateness in some way, trying to generate additional revenue from each player playing the game, you know, the question has to be when it feels like As if it were a mere money grab, compared to when it feels like an added value, right? "

NBA 2K20 will be launched on September 20 and considering the immensely popular Mikrotrans Actions at NBA 2K19 can be expected to return to some extent in the new game. Overall, Take-Two has announced to create microtransaction opportunities in every game it manufactures.

It's not just the NBA 2K series that's being criticized The EA Stable for sports games, including Madden NFL, FIFA and NHL, has controversial "Ultimate Team" modes that allow players to build real money Spending on fantasy teams is big business for EA, which earns hundreds of millions every year.

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