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Destinations, touches and landings: Week 3

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Jeremy Breva rd-USA TODAY Sports

With an average of 414 meters per game and 6.41 meters per game, the 2-0 San Francisco 49ers are one of the league's most powerful offenses so far.

And with a total of 72 points, the Niners are the NFLs team with the highest score, which did not have the luxury to face the shipwreck in Miami – ie only the ravens (82 points) and the Patriots (76) to run after.

Given Kyle, head coach of production, it's no surprise Shanahan's offenses have been shown in his previous stoppages, but the dismantling of individual fantasy gold from the 49ers collective proves to be a daunting task.

Tight End George Kittle is probably the first San Fran. The fantasy option that comes to mind and while he leads the team in the goals (13), receptions (11) and shipyards (108), his relatively low touchdown totals – so far this season and only seven under 142 Career Retreats Over three years – it's what keeps him from being a full member of the Elite Fantasy TE Club.

The hallmark of the Shanahan family training was highly productive bottom games, and this year's Niners are no exception to 357 yards in total (fourth in the league, starting on Monday night) at an average of 4.8 yards per carry.

However, another Shanny tradition relies on several backs to carry the load, and this was definitely the case at Raheem's Mostert leading the team in Yards from Scrimmage (191), Matt Breida passes the touches (28) and Jeff Wilson Jr. the quota with two TDs going up and down. The latter, in fact, scored both of his short runs on Sunday after joining the active roster.

All three have achieved between 15.4 (Wilson) and 25.1 (Mostert) fantasy points. Nor do you forget the versatile full-back Kyle Juszczyk who has only two punches this season for a total of 11 yards, but has played a backfield top 68 snaps and is a proficient catcher who has a touchdown.

If your imagination desires it can do the least.

And we still have to mention Tevin Coleman the presumptive top of the 49ers in the season, which is currently failing for a few weeks with a sprained ankle after it has posted a total of 56 yards at eight touches at the beginning of the first week.

It's a similar situation with the San Francisco wide receiver corps as with the team's most coveted pre-season fantasy asset, Dante Pettis factor so far with a seven-yard reception on its only target. The other four receivers of the team, Deebo Samuel Marquise Goodwin Richie James Jr. and Kendrick Bourne all have between five and ten goals, being the three best – Samuel , Goodwin and James – each have a TD reception and at least 10.6 Fantasy points (standard rating).

Even Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was a good but non-bootable option in the majority of leagues, with 463 yards, four TDs and 39.8 fantasy points.

It's quite a fantasy puzzle Kittle was there as a weekly appetizer. Mostert, Breida and even Wilson are flexible options, hoping for a TD, while the same applies to Samuel and Goodwin as Big Play WR options. Samuel, the talented second-round winner, is the biggest advantage of the wideout as he leads the team wideouts in snapshots (88 out of 139), goals (10), receptions (8) and yards (104) and also has two rushing attempts for seven yards.

Fights in Carolina

Between Drew Brees & # 39; Thumbs injury and Jameis Winstons sales problems it was not the smoothest start for NFC South quarterbacks this season, but the QB with the fewest fantasy points of the quarter is the Cam Newton the Panthers who after two games occupies the 27th overall rank.

Newton threw for 572 yards (11 th total until Sunday), but only completed 56.2 percent of his passes without touchdowns while losing a pair of fumbling.

Most alarming, however, is Newton's Rushing Season Stat line for fancy purposes: five attempts, minus two meters, no TDs.

D Keep in mind that Newton is in the lead with 934 Carries, 4,806 Rushing Yards and 58 Ground TDs – 40 more than anyone else since joining the league in 2011 as the top overall voter.

Cam averaged 116 wins, 601 rushing yards and 7.25 ground TDs per season in his first eight campaigns with his 359 yards and 90 rushings in 2016.

And whether it's a foot sprain caused by Leaving behind preseason, or a collective decision to make it better To protect his twice-repaired shoulder Newton 2019 is still running and has a large part of its effectiveness – in fantasy and reality – for the 0-2 Panther impaired.

Here are the facts: In his 131-year career begins Including the postseason, Newton has run 21 times for nine or less meters in a hurry. In these games, the Panthers are 9-12 and Newton has finished in two-thirds (14) of these 21 contests with 15.1 or fewer fancies.

There's still plenty of time left for Cam to turn things around and adopt his habit of placing among the top 10 fantasy quarterbacks in 2019 – witness Andrew Luck's revival only last season a slow start for health reasons – but it will cost his legs to get him there.

Scuffle in Tampa [19659016] Buccaneers tight end OJ is another highly advertised fantasy event of the NFC South preseason, which starts Howard's disappointing .

And when Howard's Bucs battled Newton's Panthers from 20 to 14 last Thursday night, the tight end had, astonishingly, not been targeted by Pass thrown in his direction.

That followed the season opener in which Howard scored four of his five goals for 32 yards against the 49ers. His goal and receipt totals have tied him up for fifth and fourth place respectively. The team – a brutal start for a player many believed would take the same positions overall in the league at that point.

No panic yet.

All Bucs' interceptors not named Chris Godwin (15 goals-11 receptions-174 yards-2 TDs) starts sluggish when Winston and Co. feel a sense of coach's new offense Bruce Arians and things will almost certainly improve if everyone agrees

On the other hand, you should be prepared to rush if an impatient Howard owner in your league decides to bait it and you are looking for help or an upside upgrade at the narrow end.

Extra Points

  • After Blistering The defenseless Dolphins with five TD passes in Week 1, Ravens QB Lamar Jackson threw 272 yards and two scores against the Cardinals on Sunday and also crashed in 16 attempts to a career high of 120 yards. With this he is only the second quarterback to ever have passed at least 250 yards and reached 120 or more in the play when he joined the 49ers Colin Kaepernick (263 Passing, 181 Rushing) (19459010) (263 Passing, 181 Rushing) playoff 2012 game against the Packers. The Sunday match saw Jackson tied for the leaders in TD passes (7) and topped all QBs with 126 rushing yards – 45 more than second place Dak Prescott .
  • Speaking of Elite Quarterback Achievements, 2018 MVP Patrick Mahomes lit up the Raiders with 443 yards and four TDs on Sunday to kick in on Monday night as the Fantasy QB of Week 2 with the highest score. In truth, Mahomes's second quarter alone (278 yards, four TDs) would have put him in eighth place in the weekly list.
  • Until Sunday, Washington RB leads Chris Thompson all running backs with 18 goals in season and is leading Christian McCaffrey and Austin Ekeler for the position in receptions with 12. Thompson's 116 receiving yards follow only Ekelers 163 under back. Thompson has only made five rush attempts for 13 yards, while McCaffrey (35-165) and Ekeler (29-124) each had at least 29.
  • The Almost Forgotten Carlos Hyde In the 13:12 victory of the Texans against the Jaguars, they recorded 20 rush attempts for 90 yards on Sunday. Only Four Players – Aaron Jones (23), Ezekiel Elliott (23), Peyton Barber (23) and Sony Michel (21 ) have defeated the ball more frequently in Week 2 (through Sunday), and he is outdated this season (30-173 to 15-88) and outdated (31-19) Texans backfield mate Duke Johnson . Be sure to keep it that way, especially in neutral or positive Houston scripts.
  • While Andy Dalton went wild with 93 passes and 729 yards, they both finished second in the league in two weeks. Bengals' groundplay was downright brutal, with Cincy the last in the league Percent (24.4), yards (59) and yards per attempt (1.8) finished last. Joe Mixon crashed with 17 runs for just 27 yards while he hit five of eight goals for 17 yards, and Giovani Bernard did not fare much better with 27 yards on 13 rushes and three catches for 49 Meter on six targets. Consider trading with Mixon if you're still prepared to hit a high-end RB2 close to preseason, but you'll probably have to sit tight and hope Cincy finds his base game.
  • Broncos Rookie Phillip Lindsay was a fantasy revelation one season ago, but this season it was a straightforward 50:50 time-sharing with rookie colleague of 2018 Royce Freeman . Lindsay has more rush attempts (24-21), receptions (8-6) and total touch (32-27) in two games, but Freeman was actually more productive with a lead of 110-79 and a lead of 163-132 advantage in yards all in all. As a cement for the timeshare, the backs each played 50 percent (72) of the 144 offensive snaps of the Broncos.
  • Stayed at the Mile High City, a fantasy GMs flying a late-round plane on Emmanuel Sanders a 32-year-old patient who has undergone an Achilles' operation and an intervention his other ankle have so far been rewarded with PPR's no. 4 wideout. By Sunday, Sanders was ninth among the receivers in the league with 20 goals and fourth with 16 catches for 184 yards. With the new Joe Flacco he has made an immediate veteran commitment, which represents a 25 percent target and a 100 percent share of the team's TDs (2) and two-point conversions (1). 19659033] Julio Jones smashed Sunday night with five catches for 106 yards and two TDs, including the winning 54-yarder, in the Falcons' 24:20 victory against the visiting Eagles and now belongs to the leagues The Longest TD Series with a result in six consecutive competitions goes back to the 14th week of last season. Jones has completed a total of eight touchdowns in six games over the same period, an astonishing number of touchdowns combined in his previous 34 games.
  • Ravens TE in the second year Mark Andrews lives up to its off-season hype and then some, who after two weeks with 16 points for 220 yards and two TDs on 17 goals top the tight end Fantasy were classified. Andrews is in the lead in all four categories or tied for the standings, apart from goals in which he ranked fourth behind Zach Ertz (19459010) (23), Evan Engram (19459010) (22) and The Ageless (19459009) lies] Greg Olsen (18).
  • It's unfair, but it looks like the Patriots, along with the timeless QB Tom Brady and his outstanding offensive team, could boast one of the league's best defense mechanisms. On Sunday in Miami, the Pats not only threw the breaks, but also added a pair of sixes in the 43-0 embarrassment. With three points, eight sacks, seven takeaways and two responses, New England is easily the # 1 fantasy this season. Next up are competitions against the Jets, Bills, Redskins, Giants and Jets on the plan of the Pats. Lock them in your launch pad and forget about them for the next five weeks.

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