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Destiny 2 happily breaks his own form

As Bungie spits out more and more information about Destiny 2: Forsaken, fans, critics, and even those on the sidelines have Destiny 2 on their lips. It flutters between other titans in the industry, and while Destiny, like a name, has the legacy of ups and downs, it has evolved, with Bungie at the top and the community actively supporting them. Say what you want about Destiny 2, but the fact is that Bungie is committed to making the dream of destiny come true with what she and the players can expect from now on. Destiny 2: Abandonment marks a new chapter; even compared to the release of Taken King, there is only something in the air that feels different ̵

1; Bungie goes all-in and they will gladly give up their game.

If you missed a trailer in the last week, the clever new arsenal leading the way of the Guardians, then do yourself a favor and look at it. The music helps … Hype . Do you notice anything about this trailer? That's right, all those weapons and armor have done pretty wild things. Gemini is looking for rockets. Boots throwing projectiles back. Arrows that cause thunderstorms. Arrows seeing through walls! It's hard not to smile as a Destiny fan when Bungie Forsaken said they made a habit of saying on several occasions that they wanted to break their own game. If the exotic weapon and armor updates are all they have to offer, they've already moved on to an even more ridiculous game. Personally, the idea is that, on Laser Tag Weekend, the outcry of the players for this Hijinks explosion for the first time in Destiny 2 was the signal for Bungie that things had to change.

When Destiny 2 was released it quickly became apparent that the game stagnated a bit compared to its predecessor. The structure was there with certain improved features, but without random weapon rolls or other chaotic systems banished in Destiny missing from Destiny 2, it did not seem like the same game. Looking to leave, the future looks brighter with random weapon throws that come back together with such chaotic exotics and put Destiny 2 in a position that it should have been. It is exciting to think about how the area of ​​PvE and PvP will change as weapons are not anchored in a particular perk structure. The future of Destiny 2 is a lot of fun, just waiting for the Forsaken to take over the Guardian all the way.

It's not just the arsenal, but other important enhancements. Last weekend, players discovered a wonderful secret in Destiny 2 that whispered from the void (now known to appear every weekend). It shot a push through the player base and Bungie was happy to offer information for plans of this very same thing, but matching the overall game scale. The result is the weekly milestones, who drive the same mill from week to week, and do not offer much more than other more powerful equipment or sought after equipment search. It's a boring cycle that pays off little. With the whole system of how players tackle the challenges they expect in the galaxy, in a space where instead of running a mill and pursuing something, whether it's a quest or a secret, keepers should always have something to gain have won with every season. The word "hobby" makes the rounds again as it should, because Destiny 2 could finally be the hobby it wants to be.

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