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Destiny 2 Solstice Of Heroes Update is now live

A new in-game event went live in Destiny 2, giving you a chance to see new gear and challenges by August 28th. The best part is that it is considered a public holiday and is therefore free for all players. You either bought the extensions or the season pass.

In Solstice of Heroes, you can talk to Ikora to play newly invented story sequences as well as redesigned strikes and PvP matches. You can also upgrade a new armor set to level 400, which will give you a good power-up set for the Forsaken in September. This is the only way to gain Tier 400 armor.

You can also get some clean cosmetic items from the Eververse, either by completing game challenges or buying loot boxes. All this comes next to the 1

.2.3.1 patch, which adds a few bugs to the Fabled Guardian Triumph and keeps items in your vault.

This lays the foundation for the Forsaken Expansion, which will be released on September 4, just a week after the Solstice ends. This expansion will introduce a lot of new weapons and gadgets, a new story that seems to signal the probable death of Cayde-6, a new faction, new supers and a new raid. It costs $ 40 alone, or you can pay $ 70 for the annual pass. For more information, see our pre-order manual.

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