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Destiny 2's Warmind expansion brings a new Horde-style public event

While Bungie's livestream for Destiny 2's Warmind expansion was revealed, the developers showed what players can expect from the Guardians' return to the planet Mars. With a long hidden threat recently found under the ice caps of Mars, the guards will team up with Ana Bray and the long-lost KI Rasputin to prevent the spread of Hive's lost faction. With a new story and a new section in the Hellas Basin, players will collect new weapons, exotics, and take on new bosses in the Warmind expansion, which will launch during Season 3 of Destiny 2.

In addition to exploring new activities and locales, the new expansion also comes with a new community event that will be unlocked after the main story is complete. Called Escalation Logs, these unique world events will trigger a new mission in Horde mode where players can play alone or in a group. Unlike other world events and missions on other planets, these new Mars set events are not world timers and can be activated at any time. As you complete these events, you will receive new items and special equipment for the escalation logs. While you have to finish the main story on your own to trigger it, you can still join other players who fight through their own event.

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After activating the Escalation Protocol event, Rasputin triggers a beacon Attracting nearby hive sets over 7 waves, each one becomes even more challenging Combat forces players to turn off the enemy before the timer ends. During these missions, the Guardians must endure increasingly difficult Hive waves within the area. In the course of the event, a new offensive weapon called "The Valkyrie" – a spear that serves as both a melee and ranged attack – and the return of the Sword sword of Fate 1 occasionally dropped by mobs becomes clearer. Once you've reached Wave 7 of the event, players will hit on one of five new bosses exclusive to the DLC as a public-policy hawk.

During the livestream, the developers said they wanted to create new events for players. Also, they have more challenges – what they admit was a common complaint from players. While this may be a bit similar to recent community events, the developers said the escalation protocols focus on increasing the difficulty and frequency of Hive to create more hectic and dynamic hive encounters.

Launching on May 8 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the Warmind expansion for Destiny 2 will be the next big dose of content for the online shooter. In addition to the expansion, Season 3 updates will be released, including new emotes, upgrades and changes to existing Exotics, new Crucible events, and new improvements in living standards. Stay tuned to GameSpot for more updates on Destiny 2 and the launch of the new expansion in the coming weeks.

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