A brief summary of the Detroit Lions' trading on Tuesday, October 30, 2018, which sent Golden Tate to the Eagles.
Kirkland Crawford, Detroit Free Press

There is a plan that may not look like it may be to win a Super Bowl this year or even play the playoffs.

But the Lions have a plan, they also have a trial, and trading with Golden Tate is part of this Damon "Snacks" Harrison, but more on that.

For now? Trading Tate Away is a good hit, especially if you play for the Lions, some of whom went to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon to express, maybe they should speak for themselves:

"Wtf!" Wrote security, Quandre Diggs, who was apparently so upset that he did not deal with a question mark and instead used an exclamation point.

"Bruh," wrote returnee Jamal Agnew.

As in: WTF?

Even Darius Slay's wife went into social media and tweeted an emoji with a shrug and a woman's hands covering her face.

Yes, that hurts some players in the locker room. Maybe many players in the locker room. Tate is a very good player and the most productive recipient of the team.

He is also 30 years old, playing with a contract that expires at the end of the season, and is good enough to demand the money that Bob Quinn, the director-general of Lions, obviously did not want to invest in this off-season.


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At least not at this position. It turned out that he wanted a selection deduction instead. He got one-a third jack-all-when he sent Tate to Philadelphia.

Will that help Lions win this year?

Of course not.

But then Tate was on the squad and on the field at Ford Field against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, and the Lions were beaten anyway. If they win the game, maybe Tate will be on the schedule all Tuesday and the rest of the season.

Although I doubt it.

Remember that Tate had his best game of the year in Dallas … and the Lions lost this game. Without him, this game might not have been close. But it was still a loss.

The truth is that the Lions showed too many holes in the first six games to let Quinn believe this team would make a significant playoff run. He also comes from one place – New England – that is as ruthless as all professional athletes.

In other words, he will absorb short-term frustration in the locker room when he thinks he can improve the team. Part of improving a team is managing the salary cap and determining where to spend their money.

Sending Tate to Philadelphia releases $ 3.7 million. It's not just about money. It's about taking as many turns as possible into the design.

In this sense – and only in this sense – this trade makes sense. You'll also learn how confident Quinn is of identifying talent.

Which means if his internal ledger told him to get something for Tate, and not for nothing, he would. Unless the Lions had played the Sunday game at 4: 2 or 5: 1 instead of 3: 3.

Quinn is not the type of general manager who goes to a microphone to explain every move he makes. On Tuesday we only had a few paragraphs that said almost nothing.

"I truly wish to thank Golden for his countless contributions to our team during his time as a Detroit Lion," he wrote.

I'm sure he's serious. I'm also sure that he noticed what you noticed against Seattle during last Sunday's game when the Seahawks maltreated his team on the slaughter line.

I suppose it was the last proof that he would not finish this season with a Lombardi trophy, not that he expected it.

The game is still won and lost at the point of attack. And the Lions are just not good enough on offense and defense lines. Also with the recent addition of Harrison.

The defensive tackle played well against Seattle. But as good as he is at his special job – clogging lanes – he's not the kind of disruptive force that makes a quarterback constantly uncomfortable.

He needs help. Quinn wants to get him.

This requires a long view. Sometimes that means switching from a popular and productive player. This is how it is done in New England, where the success of Super Bowl is the standard.

Are the lions the patriots now? Barely.

However, ownership relies, at least in part, on the teachings of the Patriotic Way. That's why Quinn – and head coach Matt Patricia – are here.

Turning deeds over for a selection deduction reminds you that they only build as they can.

We'll see if it finally works.

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