Bad winter weather has closed Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the airport closed at 8pm. Tuesday due to ice and snow. The Flightview website reported several dozen delayed or canceled flights.

Travelers in Detroit and elsewhere lamented the closure of social media. A Twitter user, @ClayDowling, took a picture from his airplane window and tweeted it, "This seems to be my home for the night, DTW is too icy, so we're sitting in our plane in Cincinnati."

The FAA reported that the airport is expected to reopen on Wednesday at 1am.

A spokeswoman for DTW wrote the following statement by email: "At about 8:00 pm, all taxiways and runways at Detroit Metropolitan Airport close due to the icy conditions hours earlier, the maintenance teams have actively handled the airfield, however The crews are at the airfield and are preparing to leave the surfaces closed for reopening overnight, customers are advised to contact their airline prior to departure to the airport to set. "

Check for updates.

Check status: informa provided by FAA

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