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Develop your Community Day Pokémon on these CPs for use in trainer battles

We have compiled a list of all Community Day Pokemon CPs that, when fully developed, will result in their developed form having a CP within the 1500CP requirement of the Great League or the 2500CP requirement of the Ultra league lies in coach battles. These Pokémon can have amazing features, as we've already spelled out in detail: Pokémon GO Community Community Tag: Best exclusive moves to search. For more information on the recently announced coaching struggles, see our guide to everything we know so far.

If your undeveloped Pokémon has a CP lower or equal to that given in the table below, it can be used in either Great or Ultra League once it has fully developed – the higher the CP, the lower it is the energy consumption to be fully optimized.

We recommend leaving your development as close as possible to the end of the event in case you find something more worthy of the candy. But do not leave it too late ̵

1; Only the Community Day Pokémon developed before the end of the event will receive its exclusive train . The start and end times of the event in your region can be found here.

If possible, it is advisable to at least get a <1500CP and a 1501-2500CP version of each of the more advanced Community Day Pokemon to be able to learn their exclusive moves, as at least some of them are probably very relevant in the coaching league. At this point, however, we would not do anything about it until all the mechanics of Coach Battles are fully understood.

(Please note that these ranges have not been calculated at half-steps.) Find out if you can squeeze out another power-up from that particular Pokémon (if it's beneficial) without breaking the 1500 CP or 2500 limits CP exceeds every league.
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