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Devin Nunes sends eight criminal referrals to Attorney General William Barr

Nunes, who had investigated allegations of abuse by the FBI and the US Department of Justice while serving as intelligence chief, did not say who he would address in an interview with Fox News on Sunday.

Appearing on Sunday morning by Fox Futures, "said Nunes, five of the recommendations were about congressional lies, misleading the congress, and searching secret information.

The other recommendations, Nunes says, are supposed to be the FISA Court Lied Approving Foreign Surveillance Powers, Manipulating and Manipulating Intelligence What he called a "global leak referral" Nunes said was not tied to a person.

"We really could not do without these criminal references Attorney General, so this week we're ready to let the Attorney General know that we're ready to send these referrals and inform him if he wants to be informed. We think they are pretty clear, but at the moment this may not be all, but this is all it clears up a lot. We have eight referrals to send to the attorney general this week, "said Nunes.

Congressional Convictions to the Department of Justice Require Criminal Investigations by the Department of Justice and the FBI

] As the Republicans Congress Nunes launched an investigation by the US Committee alleging that the FBI and the Department of Justice had abused the FISA trial, including the publication of a secret memo detailing his allegations ̵

1; and the summons In the new Congress: Nunes sued Twitter and several spoof accounts last month, including @devincow, who accuse the social media site of censoring Conservatives.

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