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DeVos returns to Special Olympics Cuts after Trump has ordered funding

That did not prevent their boss, President Donald Trump, from publicly undermining them on Thursday when he told reporters that he had "suspended" the planned cut – though this was the third year in a row, into that "The Special Olympics are being funded, I just told my people, I want to fund the Special Olympics, and I've just approved funding for the Special Olympics," Trump told reporters at The White House before joining a rally in Michigan left.

He continued, "I was at the Special Olympics, I find it unbelievable, and I just approved a financing, I heard about it this morning, I overruled my people, we finance the Special Olympics."

After Trump spoke, DeVos immediately issued a statement saying:

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"I am pleased and grateful that the President and I are seeing this issue on par and that he has decided to fund our Special Olympics Grant "Behind the Scenes of the Past Years."

Later that day, the Special Olympics issued a statement thanking Trump for turning around.

"It has a long history spanning more than 50 years United States Presidents and Congressmen on both sides of the gang in supporting the Special Olympics and the work we do in communities across the country, "said the Special Olympics.

The White House submits budget recommendations to Congress every year, however, can not make any cuts. It was unlikely that this particular funding cut ever hit the congress ss, and questioned why the White House would make such an obvious misstep in public relations.

DeVos has already twice proposed repeal, and legislators have rejected it and provided $ 17.6 million for the Special Olympics last year as part of a general increase in funding for the department.

This year, the Democrats control the house, and the proposal met with criticism. Among the critics was also Maria Shriver, whose brother Timothy leads the Special Olympics.
The Education Secretary twice defended the proposed budget cuts this week, arguing that the Special Olympics is a private organization that receives donations and does not need federal support.

DeVos had previously told the Senators on Thursday that she was not personally involved in the decision to cut funding for the Special Olympics.

The Democratic Senate of the United States of America, Dick Durbin, Addressed the Issue at a Household Hearing If it does not come to the cuts, the person who should receive a "Special Olympic Gold Medal for Insensitivity"

  DeVos spends a third day to defend Special Olympics and other cuts

DeVos, however, continued to defend the Cuts that were included in the budget of their department, with the same resources being allocated to core special education programs, including grants to the states of the Department of Persons with Disabilities Education Act.

DeVos said that while the Special Olympics are a "great" organization – and one that has provided them with part of their salary – it is also important to uphold the federal spending on checks. She suggested cutting her budget by 12% overall.

Trump publicly challenged his cabinet chiefs last year to budget cuts of 5%.

The Congress rejected earlier requests to cut the Ministry of Education budget, even if the Republicans controlled both chambers.

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