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Diabetic inmates with HIV died after being left on the cell floor for 21 hours without food or medication

A prisoner died in a jail in the United Kingdom after being left without food or medicine on the floor of her cell for almost a day, according to an investigation.

Annabella Landsberg, who was diabetic and HIV-positive, was reportedly detained by four HMP Peterborough officials in southeast England on 2 September 201

7. She was asked to get up to receive her medication, but said she could not because she had difficulty standing. An officer, Amy Moore, said as she tried to step over Landsberg, the prisoner grabbed her by the legs as the other policemen held her as she lay on the floor.

"She said her legs would not work She could not get up and reached for the sink. She kicked her legs forwards and backwards. I thought that she would make an effort to be difficult for the employees, "said Officer Amy Moore, according to The Guardian.

She was then left overnight under surveillance by guards who said she had to be" incoherent "all night mumble ", but breathed in. But during those 21 hours no one was looking for her.

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was revealed during an investigation after an investigation of her Death that the on-duty prison sister threw water at Landsberg She lay on the ground and described her as "pathetic."

She was taken to the hospital where she died three days later The 45-year-old mother of three was jailed in 2014 for anti-social behavior, a term that covers a variety of crimes ranging from public urination to drug trafficking. The BBC reports that she was sentenced to four years' imprisonment for crimes convicted under probation.


. She has reportedly fled her homeland of Zimbabwe to the United Kingdom after being raped there. According to her sister Sandra, the mental health and health status of Landsberg deteriorated after HIV diagnosis in 2007.

The investigation of her death is ongoing.

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