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Diamonds found in the meteorite tell the story of the destroyed planet

According to Gizmodo a large meteor exploded over Sudan in 2008, which covered the area with material splinters. Because that's what scientists do, they've collected and analyzed these samples to see what they can extract from them.

And now, new research in the journal Nature Communications yields some truly amazing results – there was probably a Mercury or Mars planet that was torn apart and scattered throughout the system.

The meteorite is known as Almahata Sitta. He crashed with a proud 80 tons in the earth's atmosphere just above the Nubian desert. It is also the first significant proof that another protoworld existed in the early years of our solar system.

As far as we can see, this micro-world collided with another proto-planet, although we are not sure and caused a vast field of debris to be scattered across the system and many of the planetary bodies we see today, like the Earth, sow.

The article examines the evidence for this hypothesis, and most of it comes from a special kind of rare meteorite called ureilite. They are a small fraction of the total space rock that fall to Earth, but they are filled with microscopic diamonds. Because diamonds only form certain specific conditions, we can use our understanding of how they work in our other models of planet formation.

The team used a range of modern microscopes to study the structure and composition of diamonds. They found that the diamonds found in the Almahata Sitta meteorite formed under a pressure of 20 gigapascals or more, suggesting a smaller, rocky planet like Mars.

Scientists were generally aware that the solar system is probably planet. In fact, we suspect that someone has hit the earth and created the moon. So far, evidence for the idea had been scarce.

"This study provides convincing evidence that the ureilite mother body was such a large" lost "planet before it was destroyed by collisions," the paper said.

This shows the chaotic and violent nature of the early solar system. It's hard to imagine colossal bodies just hitting each other. These collisions would have been enough to liquefy entire planets. Apocalyptic does not even begin to cover it. And so our own earth began.

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