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Did Colorado Dad lead Chris Watts a double life?

Shanann Watts & # 39; Little girls giggled and danced around in the dining room of their Colorado home. It was a Sunday night, and the Watts family played a Peewee version of the Strongman carnival. When the kids hit the hammer hard enough, a blue plastic hand sent a cake to their father.

Chris Watts peered through a cut-out and waited. "Hit it," ordered her grandma, who called her Nonna, 4-year-old Bella. The girl slammed the toy together and slipped whipped cream into Dad's eyes, and everyone laughed. "Nice, nice," Chris smiled and raised his hand for Bella's high-five. "Who's next? CeCe you next?"

Celeste, 3, wanted to sit in the hot seat herself. When the dessert on her face fell to the ground, Dieter, the family's dachshund, hurried over to hang it up. CeCe dipped her finger in the mess and ate her with a mischievous grin.

Shanann, who aired the Hijinks on Facebook Live, turned to the camera before signing. "I love you," she said. "See you later."

In their home videos Shanann and Chris seemed to have everything. The natives of North Carolina moved to Colorado and bought a large house overlooking the Rocky Mountains. They had two adorable daughters and a third baby on the way, and a marriage that Shanann thought would last a lifetime. In January, the expectant mother declared her year 201

8. 2018 is my year, I say it's my year, all I want for my family is 2018, or at least it's going to be in work, "she said in one Facebook video.

"I have many goals and dreams for my family and one of them to help my children get the best they can get," Shanann continued. "To live so far, to enjoy each other, to create memories as a family, I would like to travel the world with my children."

But eight months later, Shanann and her daughters were dead, and the man who was accused to kill her was Chris. The father and husband, accused of murdering his family and dropping their bodies in an oil field belonging to the Anadarko Society he worked in, seemed to lead a double life.

"" I'm awesome, awesome, super pumped around 2018. 2018 is my year. I claim it. It's my year. Anything I want for my family will happen in 2018, or at least it will be in work … "

– Shanann Watts

Under the surface of Chris, without any knowledge of friends, something and Shanann's picture book world lurked – one World seemingly created for media consumption as news channels broadcast Shanann's Facebook videos and seek for clues from Lend's seekers.

A source close to the investigation told [Chris Chris] It's unclear whether Shanann knew of the alleged links but a colleague of Shanann's mother, Sandi Onorati, told WRAL that the couple had "problems" and that Onorati told her that Shanann and Chris plan to split up

Two of Shanann's friends said she suspected Chris was her Cheated Amanda Thayer told Denver7 that Shanann thought that infidelity was "a possibility," but had said Chris was not a gambler e she: "He has no game. "He did not have it when they first met … she did it all," Thayer said.

Nickole Atkinson – the last person next to Chris who had seen Shanann alive – told ABC News that Shanann "had the idea" that he was unfaithful. "He was not the loving Chris as he usually was, he did not touch or hug or do such things, he was not as attentive to the girls as he usually is," Atkinson said.

Another bomb came this week when a man who claimed to be Chris's secret gay lover spoke to HLN, claiming that they had a 10-month relationship.

Chris hinted that he was "trapped in a loveless marriage," said the alleged pet. The story of the unnamed caller, who has also logged off in the social media, has yet to be confirmed. The man said he met Chris in an app called MeetMe and Chris identified himself online as heterosexual. (Weld County's office refused to comment on this story, and Chris's public defender could not be reached.)

The alleged lover told The Daily Beast on Thursday that he believed he was the one first man Chris had ever slept with. and that her affair was Chris's first during his marriage to Shanann. The men would see each other before or after work or sometimes after 10 pm, he claimed. He added that they would normally meet with the man and never be at Chris's home. The man believes that Shanann did not notice her rendezvous, which he finished in the spring of this year.

The man said he had lost contact with Chris for months. The next time he saw his face on TV, after Chris's arrest.

" Shanann and Chris have also struggled with financial hardship: filing for bankruptcy shows the couple had more than $ 400,000 in debt. "

The heinous crime has caught the attention of the United States and speculation sparked a family man who was supposed to wipe out his own children and wife, who was pregnant at week 15 with a boy she called Niko.

Investigators in Frederick, Colorado, found that Chris was "actively involved in an affair" with an employee, according to a sworn statement. The employee was not identified, and the alleged gay lover says that he is not.

Shanann and Chris also struggled financially: filing for bankruptcy reveals that the couple had more than $ 400,000 in debt. Police tied up Chris the day after a bizarre local TV interview, claiming he and Shanann had "an emotional conversation," but no argument before disappearing. He asked his missing family to return home. "It tore me apart last night," he told Denver7 in a conversation raising red flags for the authorities. "I want everyone to just come home, wherever they are, just come home, that's what I want." Shanann and the girls are being buried at a funeral today in Pinehurst, North Carolina, on request the family is broadcast live on the Facebook page of Boles Funeral Homes & Crematory. "We respectfully request that all media respect our desire to refrain," said Shanann's brother Frankie Rzucek on Facebook. A private candlelight vigil was scheduled for Friday night in Shannann's hometown of Aberdeen.

When Shanann's friends rebel from their heartbreaking loss, the murder charges blew away Chris' friends telling the Daily Beast that he was cautious, crafty and gentle, and a man who did not understand anyone.

A high school friend, Brandi Smith, told The Daily Beast that girls always defeated Chris. "Most of the conversations I remember were about music and stuff," Smith said. "I was a bit outcast and he somehow seemed to understand me."

"Everyone liked him," Smith added. "It's really amazing how many people who knew him turned completely to him and think he's that monster if he's not even convicted."

She struggles to believe that Chris invented a story for police officers. "Chris found himself back as a dad, these girls brought him to life and free him from his shell," Smith said. He is not a lunatic, he is not a violent, offensive, or mean person. "

" This was one of the smartest students I ever had … the guy had a photographic memory. "[19659002] – Retired automotive instructor Joe Duty, on Chris Watts

"I'll be broken if he's convicted and it was a lie, but there's a chance … and it's not fair that he's crucified becomes."

Joe Duty, a retired automobile teacher in North Carolina, told the Fayetteville Observer that Chris was an outstanding student who had been awarded a $ 1,000 scholarship to the NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville.

"In fact, I told him before he graduated, I said," Chris, if I ever had a student who would be tremendously successful, then you're there, "recalled Duty.

"That was one of the brightest students I've ever had," Duty said. "The guy had a photographic memory." Chris had a passion for NASCAR and "knew chapter and verse, everything you could ask about NASCAR, anything," Duty added.

But Chris was introverted and hardly spoke in class. "I often wondered why he was so withdrawn, he was very clean-cut, very respectful, very smart," Duty said.

Lance Alfonso, who played football with Chris with Chris when he grew up in North Carolina, said the accused murderer was "someone who would not hurt a fly."

"I've never had it looked at someone angry, not even on the football field, "added Alfonso.

Over the years, Alfonso followed Chris and his young family on Facebook. While Chris's profile is disabled, Alfonso says it's similar to Shanann's page, which is filled with glowing updates from her husband and her kids, as well as promotions with Thrive, a multi-stage marketing project. "Everything he posted on Facebook or social media was always about his family," Alfonso said.

"What would someone like the guy I knew do that?"

The Watts family seemed happy in the months leading up to the killings.

Shanann recorded videos on Facebook featuring a buff Chris at 21:40; CeCe and Bella play with Chris's hair and attach pink hair clips to his head; and the family dances in the kitchen to "Footloose" at dinner.

Throughout the year 2018, Shanann has held tribute to her husband and called him his Rock. They posed in photos, wore their company's weight loss patches, and Shanann bragged about Chris' fitness progress – he went from a size 38 to 32.

"Today I'm celebrating you, Chris, you're absolutely the BEST thing to me 2010 happened! ", Wrote Shanann last May to Chris & # 39; s birthday. "This year you were in my life when I was in my worst condition! I was just diagnosed with lupus and fibro and I felt like my world was crumbling around me! Then I met you!"

"You work Your ass, you're an amazing husband and an even better dad! "she added." You're the blessing I've been looking for all my life! "

The couple started traveling on Thrive's dime, after Las Vegas and San Diego to meet In April, Shanann was in New Orleans for Thrive Palooza, where she received a plaque with an article about her in the company's new magazine, highlighting her achievements as a housewife and Thrive promoter

"Time for a reset," headlines said, "After Shanan Watts was a janitor to everyone else, she began taking care of herself. And she was never happier.

Before working for the multi-level marketing brand, Shanann was exhausted from her two jobs, including an overnight at the Colorado Children's Hospital in Aurora, saying that Thrive allowed her to stop and stay home with her daughters,

"It's amazing that my husband and I have created more memories over the past two years than in the previous eight years, Shanann said in the article. "My mood is so much better and we have fun."

"I wake up happily, and working for me on a level where I can get two kids ready without a fight is huge," she continued. "I just enjoy the pure joy of being with my family, I have the patience to be so happy, home-mother, that my children deserve."

Before they died, Shanann and the children visited six weeks this summer long her grandparents in North Carolina. In a Facebook post in June, Shanann discussed grocery shopping for Chris, who would be a "bachelor" for five weeks while the family was gone. He joined them for the last week of the holiday.

Shanann and Chris were photographed on August 2nd in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, by a Mitmama holidaying with their children. Michele Greer from Fayetteville chatted to Shanann while her families waited in line for a bungee trampoline, WCNC reported. Shanann told Greer that she was expecting a baby. "She was very cute and very adorable with the girls, it was all about the girls," Greer told the TV station.

Greer remembers that Chris showed up distantly. "He did not seem to be engaged at all," Greer said. "She had no affection, she (Shanann) was very engaged to the girls, and he just stood there." Photos of Greer's family showed Shanann in the background and photographed little Bella. Shanann's father, Frank Rzucek, appears to be beside her while Chris looks behind them.

The Watts clan returned home on August 7th. Three days later, Shanann was on a weekend trip to Scottsdale, Arizona. While Shanann was gone, Chris brought the girls to the birthday party of the child of a family friend. Jeremy Lindstrom, who hosted the party for his son, told Denver7 not to be out of touch with the visit.

" You're working your ass off, you're an amazing husband and an even better dad … you're the blessing I've been searching for all my life! "

– Shanann Watts praises her husband on social media

Shanann should return on Sunday night. Her friend Nickole Atkinson said she brought Shanann to her home in Frederick at 2:00 am on Monday, August 13th. The mother waved goodbye before she went inside. Atkinson was worried later in the morning when Shanann missed a doctor's appointment. No one answered when Atkinson visited the house around noon, so she called Chris, who seemed unconcerned.

"He kept saying that he did not know where she was and that she had a game date," Atkinson told ABC News. "But he could not tell us his friend's name, I knew he had something to do with it when I was at his house, but I did not want to believe that."

Chris would tell the police he was got up to work at 5 o'clock in the morning and asked Shanann to leave. It was a "civil conversation," Chris said, and they were "emotional," but they did not argue, according to an affidavit. The accused murderer claimed that he backed his truck back to the garage door to recharge his work tools, and that Shanann was in bed when he left.

Later, he allegedly confessed to the crime and told the detectives that he had returned upstairs to his bedroom to talk to Shanann, who was not there. He claimed that he had seen her on a baby monitor resting on a bedside table, and that she was strangling his 3-year-old daughter Celeste in the girls' bedroom. Bella, 4, was "stretched out on her bed and blue," Chris claimed, according to the affidavit of the arrest.

Chris said he stormed into the room angrily and strangled Shannan to death – because she strangled her children. He then dumped all three of her bodies on an Anadarko construction site. The authorities found Shanann's body in a grave near two oil tanks. The little girls were discovered in the tanks.

A motive for the crime is not clear. In the affidavit on the arrest, the police said that a two-day investigation found that Chris "was actively involved in an affair with a colleague he denied in earlier interviews." The co-worker was not named. " ] He was very passive … She was very aggressive with him. Bossy. Do that. TU that. Tell him what to do. The dominance of the relationship. "

– Greg Alore, Shanann's former boss

On Tuesday, the man who claimed to be Chris's secret gay lover came forward Crime & Justice with Ashleigh Banfield The unidentified man said in a phone call that he met Chris in the MeetMe app in June 2017 and that Chris was not "out" or "comfortable." He claimed they had put an end to it and Relationship in March or April.

"He told me he had kids, but he showed he was single and when there was a point at the end of January or February, I met him and I got into his Ford Pickup and he had his daughters with him and the eldest pretty much shook the beans that he was still married, "the alleged lover went on.

The interview saw a backlash from onlookers who were skeptical of the unconfirmed story do not know e in time, if that's true. This should not even be aired, "said a Facebook commentator, while another was annoyed:" This man could barely put together a sentence! I do not believe him! It [was] like torture through her! Oh, and did you hear the toilet flush? Good grief.

When the man's brother reached the Daily Animal, he said the story was true. "I know my brother saw a different page, Chris Watts too, love & # 39 ;," said the brother and added added that Chris "gave my brother his first lip-Botox injection."

The alleged lover told HLN that Chris had portrayed himself as a victim of "who" would be shunned and he would not be allowed to see his girls "if he came out as not heterosexual.

"He told me that he was the victim of emotional and verbal verbal abuse and he was trapped in a loveless marriage," said the man. "And he knew no way out because of the children."

Old friends say that Shanann was the more dominant force in their relationship.

"He was very passive," said Greg Alore, who hired Shanann from a Ford dealer when the couple first moved to Colorado. "She was very aggressive with him." Herrlich. Do that. "" That's what to do. "Dominating the relationship, I know that."

Yet, the couple had no outward marital conflict. "You were just an everyday American couple," Alore said. Shanann, he said, was "as sweet as possible."

Alore said the Watts moved to Colorado after Chris accepted a job as a car mechanic in 2012. Shannann was hired by the company's internet sales department and, according to online reviews, was a talented salesman.

" Chris just said he had been more talkative since he #Burn! Talk to strangers. #Hesaintrovert. "

– Shanann Watts, Social Media Post

"Shannan has done everything to find the vehicle I wanted, and tirelessly went back and forth to get me the payments I needed to get myself into a new car, it's never intrusive, and although I do Knowing that she really wanted to sell a car, she never tried to sell me something that I did not want, "a customer wrote in April 2013.

In a Facebook video, Shanann discussed" Working [her] Tailed " to buy her first home in Belmont, North Carolina when she was 25 years old.

Shanann said she met Chris in 2010 in one of the darkest phases of her life because of her health problems, to which relatives added her diagnosis to the autoimmune disease lupus. You have connected to Facebook.

"I was like," Oh, what the hell, I'll never meet him. "Accept." One thing led to the next and eight years later we have two kids, we live in Colorado and he's the best "What happened to me," Shanann said in her clip released in May [196592002] "Because of my health problems because I got so sick, I let him in," she continues, adding, "He knew me at my worst and he accepted me. "

She added," When I met Chris I pushed him away. I gave him every excuse to run. I gave him one every day … And he stayed tuned because he was the right person for me.

Then she was called Shanann King, she hurried to sell her apartment and left furniture as part of the sale, the Associated Press buyer said, and an act for the house was signed in August 2012 while Shannann lived in Colorado show ownership records.

In the May Facebook video, Shanann said she chose happiness and a "drama-free life."

"Colorado makes me feel like it's a drama-free life because Colorado is just unbelievable is. Just unbelievable. That's how I feel. I feel at peace here in Colorado, "she said.

Linda Biggers, a real estate agent who listed Shanann's house, told The Daily Beast that she believed the couple had moved because Chris had a job in the West." I think she wanted to marry and move with him to Colorado, "Biggers recalls." The house was hers; it was not his … she just had a really nice home, it was beautifully decorated. "

According to the couple's filing for bankruptcy, Chris started working for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation around January 2015." Many mechanics and technicians left [the auto industry] and went into the oil business, and he was one of them, "Alore said about Chris." He stopped turning wrenches and went to the oil field. "

Shannan King was released on the 3rd. November 2012 Shanann Watts She and Chris married at the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina.

According to social media posts, Bella Marie was born in December 2013 and Celeste Cathryn was born in July 2015. (One month Prior to the Birth of Celeste, Lovingly Called CeCe in Home Videos and Social Media, the Couple Filed Bankruptcy In April 2017, Shanann announced that she had quit her job at the Children's Hospital to become a full-time housewife responsible for the nutritional supplement business Le-Vel, who produces Thrive Diets, says, "I'm really excited and looking forward to working wherever my girls are!" Shanann wrote on Facebook, adding the Hashtags # Myfamilydesservesme and # Wontmissanythinganyinganymore One year anniversary with the brand, she told Facebook friends she was "broke" when she started Le-Vel. "Now I can change my life and Le-Vel changes my mind!" Shanann enthused in April 2018. "I love what I do and I am blessed to have a great impact on the lives of my friends and family!"

Indeed, Shanann's passion for Thrive seemed to rub off on Chris, who lost weight from late 2017 to 2018 and lost in shape.

" Sometimes, if you have children and your relationship worsens, a child could help fix it. "

– Chris Watts, in a YouTube video about & # 39; Relationship deterioration and repair & # 39;

Shanann mapped Chris' progress in her Facebook commercials.

On May 7, Shannan shared a photo of Chris mowing the lawn. "Someone is going ahead … To work at 4 am Just got home and now mowed the grass # likeaboss # helovesme," she wrote.

One month later, she posted a screenshot of a text with her husband who had just started a weight loss patch. Chris sent her a picture of herself and smiled with the sticker on his arm. "I can not keep silent, I sucked in the kitchen and the entrances and wiped them off, sucked down on the ground floor and now going upstairs," Chris wrote, adding a shrug emoji.

"I really feel the need to" gift "this to my husband for Father's Day, commented one of Shannan's friends, in response to which Shannan joked," Give it away for the day. "

June 15 Shanann: "Chris, just said that he has been more talkative since he #Burn! Talk to strangers. #Hesaintrovert.

The next day, she shared a photo of a shirtless Chris mowing the lawn, "I love my sexy man! He asks to do things since he started #Burn, "Shanann wrote," He gets his tan for San Diego, he said. "

Images of a more voluminous, less stylish Chris have also become media feed.

In 2012, he released a YouTube video in which he delivered a speech on "Relationship Deterioration and Repair" for a communications class at Central Piedmont Community College in North Carolina, apparently taking his assignment and handing it over to a distance when he started the presentation with the words, "Welcome to Broomfield, Colorado."

"You have to ask three questions when you're in a relationship," Chris said the footage, which is now threatening. "I did the desire to maintain this relationship? Do I have a moral obligation to stay in this relationship? Or is it a necessity for me to stay in this relationship?

"According to my research, sometimes a need could be children," Chris continued. "Sometimes, if you have children and your relationship starts to get worse, a child could help fix it."

"Sometimes people, when the relationship begins to dissipate," he added, "Repair is not an option, and they want to get away and start again."

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